TOY BOX: The 300C will go far with most car buffs

The folks at Chrysler are really trying to spoil me.

The folks at Chrysler are really trying to spoil me.

First, they lent me a Dodge Magnum to test. Now it's a 2005 Chrysler 300C. Both are powered by Hemi eight-cylinder engines that make it easy to understand why people used to enjoy driving cars. The 300C is a sedan, and I love its snub-nose design and spacious interior. I drove some friends to the airport in it one day; they said they felt like they were in a limo. The one major drawback is mileage. The model I have is rated at 17 miles in the city, 25 on the highway. However, the car tells you what mileage you're getting as you drive - I was only at about 14 mpg, lower when I did my usual driving around suburban back streets instead of hopping on the highway. My immediate thought was this car screams for hybrid gas/ electric technology to give it a mileage boost. My 16-year-old daughter called it an "old man's car," but what can I say? - I'm an old man and proud of it. I really liked the look and the feel of the 300C. Any suggestions for gadgets we should try? Send them to
  • John N. Frank writes Toy Box. He is the Chicago-based Midwest bureau chief for PRWeek. Price model tested, $34,425; base model price: $32,370 Available at Chrysler dealers Specs 5.7L Hemi V8 engine, five-speed automatic transmission, leather seats

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