TOY BOX: HP boosts the PDA market with new iPaq

The PDA world has become a battleground of titans and upstarts.

The PDA world has become a battleground of titans and upstarts.

I've mentioned in this column before than I'm a Handspring Visor guy because I like the Palm operating system. Reviewing a Blackberry-phone combo last year didn't sway me.

But now I've tried an HP iPaq h6315 Pocket PC-phone device, and think I could make the adjustment pretty easily. If you've used Windows, you can use this device - it runs software from Microsoft and is made to sync with Outlook, et al.

Instructions are provided for migrating data from the Palm operating system to this one. Isn't Microsoft thoughtful?

Operating system aside, the device itself is easy to hold and the screen is easy to read and work with, though the handwriting recognition software is pretty much useless. I also had trouble turning the thing on. It was hard to know how long to hold the "on" button down before releasing it without turning it off again.

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  • John N. Frank writes Toy Box. He is the Chicago-based Midwest bureau chief for PRWeek.

    Price $599 before activation by T-Mobile for phone service

    Available at Best Buy, Office Max,

    Specs GSM mobile phone standard, Bluetooth, WiFi, infrared and USB connectivity, uses Windows Mobile 2003 software

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