2005 Global Profile: Ketchum


Raymond L. Kotcher

Headquarters location

New York

Total US staff

Not supplied.

Total non-US staff

Not supplied.

Worldwide office locations

  • Wholly-owned: Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas, Hamburg, London, Los Angeles, Munich, New York, Paris, Pittsburgh, San Francisco, Toronto, Washington, DC

    Majority-owned: Madrid

    Minority-owned: Beijing, Chengdu, Guangzhou, Hong Kong, Mexico City, Milan, S?o Paulo, Shanghai, Taipei

    Affiliate/partnership: Athens, Auckland, Bangalore, Bangkok, Bogot?, Bratislava, Brussels, Budapest, Buenos Aires, Cape Town, Caracas, Chennai, Copenhagen, Dubai, Dublin, Guatemala City, The Hague, Hanoi, Istanbul, Jakarta, Karachi, Kuala Lumpur, Lima, Lisbon, Managua, Manila, Moscow, Mumbai, New Delhi, Panama City, Prague, San Jos?, San Juan, San Salvador, Santiago, Seoul, Singapore, Stockholm, Sydney, Tel Aviv, Tokyo, Vienna, Warsaw, Wellington, Zurich

    Proportion of the wholly- and majority-owned agencies that carry the parent's brand name

    All of the agency's wholly and majority owned offices carry the parent's brand name. (Several of the agency's operating units - Stromberg Consulting, Concentric Communications, and The Washington Group operate under their individual brand names.)

    Global structure

    In order to meet our clients' business needs, Ketchum aligns itself according to five global practice areas: Brand Marketing, Corporate Communications, Food & Nutrition, Healthcare, and Technology. These practices span North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, and Latin America. Some accounts are managed in specific geographies; however, most account work is managed through these five global practices. Using this approach, we manage an account from the office with the most relevant expertise rather than basing it solely on geographic proximity. Indeed, we will expand the account team to include individual staff from different offices around our network to ensure we have the best team with the best experience working on a particular account, thus ensuring our clients' needs are met.

    Each practice area has a global director who manages and communicates with colleagues via regular practice calls and conferences. These virtual and in-person meetings are supported by an extensive technology infrastructure that includes the agency's award-winning intranet, myKGN, and collaborative workspaces like eRooms for knowledge-sharing and communication. Additionally, Ketchum has global client relationship managers on our top accounts to ensure that we are highly focused on our clients' needs.

    In addition to our five global practices, Ketchum has many specialty areas, including: Issues and Crisis Management, The Washington Group (lobbying and public affairs), Ketchum Entertainment Marketing, Ketchum Sports Network, Ketchum Corporate Social Responsibility, Concentric Communications (sales force communications and meetings), Multicultural Marketing, Research and Measurement, Communications & Media Strategy Group, Stromberg Consulting (change management and workplace communications), and Social Marketing & Strategic Philanthropy.

    Key clients


    Regions where account is serviced, and whether the work is done by an affiliate, partner or a wholly-owned office of the firm

    New York, Stromberg (Ketchum; internal communications activity), Dallas, San Francisco, Atlanta, Washington, DC, Chicago, London, Paris, Hong Kong, Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Taipei, Sydney (with Exclusive Affiliate Network Communications), Manila (with Associate Partner Corporate Image Dimensions), and New Delhi (Exclusive Affiliate Melcole Public Relations).

    Type of work done on the account, including practice areas involved

    Currently housed in the agency's corporate practice, FedEx has worked with the agency in a variety of capacities including: general corporate communications counsel, executive visibility, technology communications, government relations counsel, research and measurement, media relations, internal/employee communications, sports marketing communications, issues and crisis management, and product support.

    Length and type of engagement

    FedEx and Ketchum are celebrating 11 years of partnership.

    Management structure of the account

    The FedEx account is managed from the New York office. Jerry Olszewski, Senior Partner, leads the account. Denise Kaufmann, Senior Vice President, serves as Global Account Director. The global account team is comprised of 40 professionals working on behalf of FedEx around the globe.

    How account is billed

    In the United States, billing is centrally coordinated through the New York office. At the regional level, billing is managed by Hong Kong for Asia Pacific and London for all of Europe

    Size of budget

    Not supplied.

    Eastman Kodak

    Regions where account is serviced, and whether the work is done by an affiliate, partner or a wholly owned office of the firm

    New York, Atlanta, Chicago, London, Madrid, Munich, Milan, Paris, Copenhagen (affiliate - Effector Communications A/S), Moscow (affiliate - Maslov, Sokur & Associates), Dubai (affiliate - Gambate), Benelux (affiliate - Interel), Lisbon (affiliate - Parceiros de Comunicacao), Beijing, Guangzhou, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Taipei, Singapore (affiliate - PR Communications PTE Ltd.), Seoul (affiliate - Access Communications), Sydney (affiliate - Network Communications)

    Type of work done on the account, including practice areas involved

    Ketchum works primarily with Digital and Film Imaging Systems, the division of Eastman Kodak responsible for consumer and professional products and services, and with Kodak EasyShare Gallery, Kodak's online photo site. Coordinating closely with headquarters staff in Rochester and all marketing and PR teams around the world, Ketchum helps communicate the company's transition from the world's foremost film company to an innovative leader in the digital imaging space.

    Length and type of engagement

    Ketchum is the global agency of record for the Digital and Film Imaging Systems division of Eastman Kodak. Ketchum has been working with Eastman Kodak since December 2001.

    Management structure of the account

    Ketchum's multi-national work on behalf of Kodak is led out of the New York office with regional leadership support for Europe in the U.K. and for Asia out of Hong Kong. Dale Bornstein, Partner/Director, leads the account. Roy Edmondson, Senior Vice President at Ketchum, serves as Global Account Director for the business, which consists of more than 50 team members worldwide.

    How account is billed

    For the US, billing is coordinated through the New York office. Work managed out of the Europe and Asia offices is billed within the respective regions.

    Size of budget

    Not supplied.


    Regions where account is serviced, and whether the work is done by an affiliate, partner or a wholly owned office of the firm

    Atlanta, Austin, Boston, New York, San Francisco, Washington, DC, Canada, United Kingdom, France, Germany, Italy, The Netherlands, Switzerland, Poland, Slovenia, Slovak Republic, Czech Republic, Russia, Hungary, Croatia, Bulgaria, Belgium, UAE, Jordan, Kuwait, Qatar, Oman, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, Brazil, Costa Rica, and Venezuela.

    Type of work done on the account, including practice areas involved

    We provide a wide range of PR services including corporate communications, media relations, influencer relationship management, research and content development.

    Length and type of engagement

    As part of One Blue, Ketchum has worked with IBM for 4 years. Prior to the formation of One Blue, Ketchum supported IBM for six years.

    Management structure of the account

    Rob Flaherty, Senior Partner, manages the global One Blue account.

    How account is billed

    The majority of the business is billed through Atlanta and London with some work billed in emerging markets.

    Size of budget

    We cannot disclose this information.

    Global and international revenues change from one year ago (Global revenue is defined as revenue generated by all regions; international revenue is defined as revenue generated by all regions excluding the region in which the agency is headquartered.)

    2004 was an excellent global revenue year for Ketchum, with net new business increasing significantly over 2003. Worldwide, the agency won 51% of all new opportunities we pursued. Additionally, the large majority of our existing clients grew with us in 2004. Ketchum's international operations all grew significantly and combined for a record revenue year in 2004. In 2004, Ketchum added the following multi-country clients to its roster: First Data Corporation, Genworth Financial and Wyeth (Tygacil). In 2005, that trend continues with wins such as Cadbury-Schweppes, Samsonite, Whirlpool, ExxonMobil, and National Geographic.

    Global and international staffing change from one year ago

    While we are not permitted to disclose specific numbers, Ketchum's talent retention is stable with very little senior staff departure. We increased staff in 2004 and our staff turnover rate reduced significantly compared to 2003.

    Performance in light of expectations and the sociopolitical factors affecting performance

    2004 was one of our strongest years ever. We exceeded our financial goals through solid client service within an economic environment where clients continue to feel extraordinary pressures of their own.

    Business won, or lost, in the past year due to a global PR consolidation by the client

    Over the past year, Ketchum won several accounts due to global consolidation, including Cadbury-Schweppes, Samsonite, Whirlpool, Sony, ExxonMobil, Adidas and Britvic. Losses due to global consolidation include the Genentech Avastin business in the United States and the Hitachi Data Systems and Almond Board of California business in Germany.

    Best-performing and under-performing regions

    Performance in the United States is solid with our strongest performances coming from the Midwest and New York.

    Ketchum has experienced solid performance across Western Europe, with Spain and France performing particularly well in difficult economic environments. Germany is stable, vital and growing. In Germany, Omnicom sister agency TBWA's PR arm joined the Ketchum network and was brought under Ketchum management to provide clients with an expanded range of creative and strategic capabilities. The Ketchum-managed business operates under the Ketchum brand. The combination also expanded Ketchum's geographic operations in Germany, adding a presence in Hamburg and D?sseldorf in addition to Munich, where Ketchum already operated.

    Italy continues to be a challenging market. After three consecutive years of record growth, the UK is working to maintain that pace. As the second-largest office in the Ketchum network, London is still one of the most celebrated, including being named one of the Sunday Times Best Small Places to Work For (February 2005) and being ranked among the Financial Time's 50 Top Best Places to Work (April 2004).

    Region targeted for increased or decreased investment of resources this year

    Ketchum sees great opportunities in New York and Washington, particularly in the areas of healthcare and public affairs. The agency will continue to seek out new ways to innovate and build services in these areas. For instance, in 2004, we named former US Representative (NY) Susan Molinari to head the agency's public affairs practice.

    Europe continues to be the region where we see significant growth opportunities. Ketchum Europe now has well-defined offerings in all major Western European markets. We see growing opportunities in Central and Eastern Europe, as well as expansion opportunities in Germany, Spain, France, and the UK. Healthcare and consumer sectors are particularly strong, evidenced by an increasing number of multi-office serviced clients such as Whirlpool, Samsonite, Kodak, Roche, and Procter & Gamble. We'll continue to invest our resources in all these areas, including a major effort around public affairs in both the UK and Brussels.

    In Greater China, Ketchum continues to lead the market. As more and more corporations expand their businesses westward in China, more opportunities will open and Ketchum will be poised to meet the growing needs of clients in this area. Ketchum's first step for this expanded regional growth has been the recent opening of a new office in Chengdu, China. Additionally, Ketchum is carving a leadership position in Asia representing Chinese companies who are listing publicly for the first time; the agency also is developing and communicating corporate social responsibility initiatives. Plans to support growth in the region include the recent transfer of Penny Burgess from London to serve as the global manager of the Shanghai office. And the agency will continue its momentum of cross-border client assignments in the Asia Pacific region and continue its strong relationships with agency affiliates in Korea, Japan, Singapore, and Australia.

    In Latin America, Ketchum's operations are very stable. The Brazil office is playing an increased role in overseeing the Latin America healthcare business, in particular the Wyeth Tygacil account. Ketchum is upping its investment in technology and online resources in the region and further developing its knowledge-sharing and best practices from around the global network.

    New region/country under consideration to enter this year

    Our first priority is to deliver outstanding service to our clients. We'll do this by continuing to develop the European network, which was realigned last year, through a dedicated training program - Ketchum College Europe - and deeper commitment to the European practice structure aided by Paul Baverstock, Managing Director, Corporate and Technology - Europe, Serena De Morgan, Managing Director, Consumer - Europe and Mark Cater, Partner/Global Healthcare practice. Senior client stewardship, product innovation such as Ketchum Personalized Media, maintaining account management and quality standards are key responsibilities.

    In addition, we're looking at extending our client relationships into Central and Eastern Europe. We're also expecting to deepen our expertise in Public Affairs in both the UK and Brussels.

    Consideration of international acquisitions or organic growth

    Ketchum is considering both international acquisitions and organic growth.

    International pro bono activities and other ways the firm connects with the regions in which it operates

    Led from the London office and handled by almost every agency office and affiliate, Ketchum works with the World Economic Forum's Global Institute for Partnership and Governance (GIPG) as its strategic partner to raise its profile and to promote its public-private partnerships in areas including global governance and corporate citizenship. Ketchum worked with the GIPG to launch its Global Business Survey.

    In addition to this work, a global Ketchum team also works with the WEF's Global Health Initiative (GHI) to increase its profile within the international media. The agency worked with the GHI to support its World TB day and the Africa Summit.

    Ketchum provided support for both the GIPG and the GHI at the WEF annual meeting in Davos. The agency continues to support other GPIG and GHI programs and provides media strategy and media support as well.

    Key changes made over the past couple of years that were driven by clients' changing needs

    Driven to bring the most relevant, creative, and strategic service to our clients and meet their growing needs, Ketchum has taken a leadership role in the ever-changing market and is working with its clients to help them navigate the changing media environment.

    The media world is changing and with those changes come a new set of responsibilities for the PR industry. PR professionals will continue to drive effective marketplace communications while meeting the responsibilities and challenges called for in the new media environment - added transparency, credibility and accountability. The agency has been and continues to train its colleagues on this new landscape. Through day-to-day account work, Ketchum is counseling its clients on how to navigate this new landscape as well. In addition, the agency is offering a seminar to clients and public companies that provides an understanding of the wide range of laws and regulations that govern how PR professionals communicate.

    In addition to counseling our clients on how to navigate the changing media landscape, Ketchum developed new innovations like Ketchum Personalized Mediasm, Women 25to54sm and Influencer Relationship Managementsm to meet our clients' needs in new and innovative ways.

    Ketchum Personalized Media is a new global service and international program that advises organizations to know how, why and when to integrate the growing roster of online and wireless media - from blogs and podcasts to mobile marketing - into their overall communications strategy. Reflecting the rapidly changing communications landscape, Ketchum Personalized Media specialists help organizations understand, evaluate and employ, where appropriate, the emerging media tools to create a fresh dialogue with various target audiences. The service also counsels organizations on how these new media tools can complement their existing public relations programs.

    Because of its global scope and analysis, Ketchum Personalized Media specialists can help an organization determine what online technologies will work best and where. For instance, while Mobile Marketing is popular in Europe and Asia, the US is six months to 18 months behind that trend. But mobile marketing in the form of so-called Short Message Service, or SMS, promotions are growing in popularity in the US, thanks to high-profile phone-in-vote campaigns, such as Fox's popular American Idol show. While the US lags in mobile marketing, it leads with podcasting, due to market penetration of iPods and other MP3 players. Podcasting has some catching up to do in Europe and it is still relatively unknown in mainland China and Hong Kong. With their new-media expertise, Ketchum specialists in each major global area will assist organizations in determining which tools will deliver the best return on investment.

    Knowing how eager marketers are to tap women ages 25-54, the Ketchum Global Brand Marketing Practice developed its Women 25to54 communication offering. A global offering, Women 25to54 is a four-phase program designed to identify, create and deliver credible messaging that connects quickly and completely to this target consumer.

    Ketchum's unique Influencer Relationship Management (IRM) system identifies, sets priorities, benchmarks, targets, reaches and measures influencers who mold the perceptions and behaviors of our clients' customers and decision makers. The IRM program also is available to clients worldwide.

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