2005 Global Profile: Brodeur

CEO: Andrea Coville

CEO: Andrea Coville

Headquarters location


Total US staff

Not supplied.

Total non-US staff

Not supplied.

Worldwide office locations

North America: all branded Brodeur offices, Boston, New York, Phoenix, Portsmouth - branded Beaupre & Company Public Relations, a 1999 acquisition, San Francisco, Washington, DC. EMEA: Amsterdam (The Netherlands) - EMEA HQ - equity ownership, branded Pleon, Auckland (New Zealand), Baar (Switzerland), Bangalore (India), Bhopal (India), Bhubaneshwar (India), Bombay (India), Brastislava (Slovakia), Brussels (Belgium), Bucharest (Romania), Budapest (Hungary), Calcutta (India), Chandigarh (India), Chennai (India), Dubai (United Arab Emirates), Dublin (Ireland), Duesseldorf (Germany) - equity ownership, branded Brodeur Communications, Genoa (Italy) - equity ownership, branded Pleon, Hyderabad (India), Johannesburg (South Africa), Kiev (Ukraine), Lisbon (Portugal) - equity ownership through Omnicom, London (UK) - equity ownership, branded Pleon, Madrid (Spain) - equity ownership through Omnicom, Milan (Italy) - 2 offices - equity ownership, branded Pleon, Moscow (Russia), Munich (Germany) - equity ownership, branded Pleon, New Delhi (India), Oslo (Norway), Paris - 2 offices - equity ownership, branded Pleon, Prague (Czech Republic), Pune (India), Rome (Italy) - equity ownership, branded Pleon, Sofia (Bulgaria), Sri Lanka, Stockholm (Sweden), Stuttgart (Germany) - equity ownership, branded PLeon, Tel Aviv (Israel), Thiruvananthapuram (India), Warzawa (Poland), Zagreb (Croatia). Asia Pacific: Ahmedabad (India), Bangkok (Thailand), Beijing (China), Hong Kong - 2 offices, Jakarta (Indonesia), Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia), Manila (Philippines), Seoul (Korea) - AP HQ - equity ownership, branded InComm Brodeur, Shanghai (China), Singapore, Sydney (Australia), Taipei (Taiwan), Tokyo (Japan). Latin America: Bogota (Colombia), Buenos Aires (Argentina), Lima (Peru), Mexico City (Mexico), Panama City (Panama), Rio de Janeiro (Brazil), Santiago de Chile (Chile), Sao Paulo (Brazil).

Proportion of the wholly- and majority-owned agencies that carry the parent's brand name

Brodeur operates Brodeur branded and equity-owned offices in the United States and Korea. The merger of Brodeur's EMEA offices in 2004 with ECC of Germany resulted in the branding of the EMEA offices in the UK, Germany, France, Italy and The Netherlands as Pleon and the formation of the Brodeur/Pleon Worldwide network. The Brodeur/Pleon Worldwide global network operates from 80 offices in over 50 countries around the world.

Global structure

The Brodeur Pleon Worldwide network is run by a global board consisting of John Brodeur, Chairman; Andrea Coville, CEO Brodeur North America and Asia; Rainer Zimmerman, CEO EMEA (Pleon); and Alex Schoep, President EMEA (Pleon). The network shares a common culture and philosophy, allowing us to provide clients with a uniform approach to communications strategy and execution. Brodeur/Pleon Worldwide network offices share more than just clients. We operate from common technology platforms, share the same communications methodologies, and take a common approach to training and professional development of our professionals and consultants. Most partner offices are exclusive to the Brodeur/Pleon Worldwide network.

With regard to clients, each Brodeur global client has one primary relationship manager, typically residing in the country of corporate headquarters. Execution is often divided by regions and typically one person is put in charge of managing all client activity for that region. Although responsibility and authority are assigned to individuals at the global and regional level, we encourage client interaction at all levels and across all geographies.

All global clients and account teams are supported by Brodeur's Global Support Council. The Brodeur GSC is a hand-selected group of global staffers that are experienced in global account management. They serve as a resource and sounding-board for all global teams to ensure consistency and quality across shared accounts.

Key clients


Brodeur has been working with IBM for over 16 years. IBM is our longest ongoing client relationship and one of our largest global clients. Our work focuses on supporting the activities of one of IBM's largest and fastest growing divisions, Global Services. We work with IBM across the globe in virtually every region. Our work for IBM is done in conjunction with Omnicom's One Blue agency agreement that includes Ketchum. Our lead office for the IBM account is New York.


Avnet has been a Brodeur global client for over six years. Our work for them includes branding, executive spokesperson training, crisis communications counseling, positioning and messaging. We also support numerous divisions with media relations and conduct a global measurement program (qualitative and quantitative) across 17 countries. The Avnet lead office is in Phoenix with heavy support from Germany, UK, Italy, France, Hong Kong, and China. Other Brodeur Worldwide partners are brought in on an as-needed basis.


Brodeur has worked with WRQ for over four years. Brodeur provides WRQ an integrated communications program including media and analyst relations, executive visibility, local marketing, as well as executive counsel on corporate positioning and messaging. Brodeur's WRQ team is managed from London with support from offices in Boston and throughout Germany. Other Brodeur Worldwide partners support the account on a smaller scale in Sweden, the Netherlands, France, Spain, Italy, Singapore, Australia, and Japan.

Global and international revenues change from one year ago (Global revenue is defined as revenue generated by all regions)

Global revenues increased year-over-year.

International revenues change from one year ago (International revenue is defined as revenue generated by all regions excluding the region in which the agency is headquartered)

International revenues increased year-over-year.

Global and international staffing change from one year ago

Brodeur increased its presences globally through the formation of the Brodeur/Pleon Worldwide Network. No further information supplied.

Performance in light of expectations and the sociopolitical factors affecting performance

We have met and, in several instances, exceeded our global expectations. Our current focus is on further expansion in Europe and China. The merger of Brodeur's EMEA offices in 2004 with ECC of Germany resulted in the branding of the EMEA offices as Pleon and the formation of the Brodeur / Pleon Worldwide network and more opportunities for the agency. Expansion of the European Union has opened up new opportunities for cross-country and cross-cultural communications in that region. In addition, a renewed sense of European cohesion, prompted in part by transatlantic diplomatic, political and economic developments, has led us to expand our local presence in this, one of the world's largest and richest unified markets. China is a particular focus for many of our clients and we are expanding from our base offices in Hong Kong, Beijing, and Shanghai to support client activity in that country. Recent political and market developments have also caused us to refocus and invest more in our operations in India and Spain.

Business won, or lost, in the past year due to a global PR consolidation by the client


Best-performing regions

Of the different regions, the United States and EMEA are currently showing the best market growth and business performance. The economies of these countries have either stabilized or are evidencing slow to modest growth. Corporate spending has returned but remains cautious. Revenue and new business wins are up but the sales cycles remain slow.

We see evidence of potential strong growth ahead for Asia Pacific, particularly in China and India. Their market size and growth combined with continued foreign investment and continued global outsourcing is fueling new communications opportunities in both countries. The economies of Australia, Japan, Hong Kong, and Singapore are stabilizing and seeing signs of recovery. Our offices there are winning new clients; however, this is not due to overall market growth, but rather an increase in their market position in that country. The Korean economy is highly dependent on political and economic developments in the United States, Japan, and China.

While we see growth in the Latin American region, it is primarily at the local and country level. There remain very few multi-country and regional clients in Latin America. One significant exception is our work with IBM, which continues at a high level. Business in Latin America has historically been plagued by political and electoral uncertainty along with economic (and particularly monetary) instability. Improvement on that front has been modest.

Under-performing regions


Region targeted for increased investment of resources this year

Asia Pacific, because we believe there is strong, long-term growth potential.

Region targeted for decreased investment of resources this year


New region/country under consideration to enter this year

We are well-represented in all regions and all major markets. We are focused on new opportunities in both China and India. There and elsewhere, we continually look for opportunities to grow either through acquisition or through organic growth. We would note that acquisitions are not necessarily exclusive to other agencies but could also include consultants and experts that meet a particular service niche.

Consideration of international acquisitions or organic growth

We are considering international acquisitions, particularly in Asia.

International pro bono activities and other ways the firm connects with the regions in which it operates

Brodeur's approach to charitable and community-based work is to support the individual activities of local, country-based offices. We believe that approach is the most efficient, effective, and reliable way to serve the communities in which we work.

For example: The Pleon UK office works with the National Missing Persons Helpline, a UK charity dedicated to finding missing persons and supporting their families while they wait for news. Brodeur's Boston office has a longstanding supportive relationship with the Massachusetts Association for the Blind and newer ones with United Cerebral Palsy and Shelter, Inc. Brodeur's Washington, DC office helped create and continues to support the Northern Virginia Technology Foundation and its outreach to disadvantaged students in the area.

Key changes made over the past couple of years that were driven by clients' changing needs

In October 2004, Brodeur merged its five European offices with European Communications Consultants (ECC) to create one of the largest communications agencies in Europe with more than 600 employees in nine key European markets. The combination of Brodeur offices in France, Italy, Germany, the Netherlands, and UK, along with ECC offices in Germany, Belgium, and Austria now operate in Europe under a new brand, Pleon, throughout 23 European offices. Pleon is part of the Brodeur/Pleon Worldwide Network which operates through nearly 80 offices in 50 countries.

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