Martha Stewart, thy name is publicity

Perhaps the never-ending trial wasn't enough for you.

Perhaps the never-ending trial wasn't enough for you.

Maybe all those shots of her in prison garb, the grand runway reception following her release, and the 12-page features about her ankle bracelet left you wanting. Perhaps, like so many others, you're still crying, "Martha Martha Martha!" And maybe, just maybe, you need a fix so bad you'll settle for Martha Stuart.

Well lucky you. Because if the craftiest home-prisoner in all of Bedford has her way, every

worthy woman in the US bearing her name - or its homonym - will soon gather in one place for your viewing pleasure. Or her ego satisfaction. Whatever.

Stewart extended an invite last week to anyone named Martha Stewart - or Martha Stuart - to attend the first taping of her new talk show, Martha, premiering September 12. The idea is to populate the audience entirely with identically monikered ladies.

Well, not exactly. This is Martha, after all, so simply sharing her name isn't enough. Applicants must submit an essay explaining the many ways their lives have been bettered by it. As if one could quantify such a blessing.

Regardless of the impact this may have on ratings, it did garner the show a hearty slew of media last week.

Of course, it was sorta drowned out by the news that she may have her sentence extended after violating the terms of her house arrest by attending too many yoga classes. So now, maybe people will watch just to see how far into the audience she can wade before setting off her ankle bracelet.

  • Douglas Quenqua writes PR Play of the Week. He is PRWeek's news editor.


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