PR pros will 'Get It' by reading this book

I hate being asked if I "get it."

I hate being asked if I "get it."

A few weeks ago, I was embroiled in a painful conversation with an agency executive about the intricacies of a campaign. After each sentence, he bombarded me with that question. I wanted to shout, "If you have to ask, you already know you're doing a poor job of explaining!"

Maybe I should send him this book.

They Just Don't Get It is a creative, insightful look into how communications fail if audiences are not properly engaged. Using a children's story book format, complete with illustrations, the authors outline how to get derailed explanations back on the right track: Don't get frustrated, and don't blame the listeners. When they don't get it, it has less to do with their intelligence level and more to do with how well you are communicating.

Though the phrase "get it" is used ad nauseam, this book is perfect for managers, creative types, and PR pros. For in PR, a big idea is only effective if it is thoroughly understood. Get it?

Title They Just Don't Get It!

Authors Leslie Yerkes and Randy Martin

Publisher Berrett-Koehler Publishers (June 2005), 137 pages

Reviewed by Telisha Bryan

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