Rankings participation vital to PR

I read with great interest your October 24 editorial on the challenges of agency rankings in light of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act (SOX).

I read with great interest your October 24 editorial on the challenges of agency rankings in light of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act (SOX).

We agree that, although fundamentally inaccurate, the conclusion that public agencies have come to is extremely convenient. As an independently owned agency, we take great care to report honest revenue information in response to agency rankings submissions and are frustrated that the large, publicly owned companies are hiding behind SOX as a reason to decline participation in them.

The confusion that has resulted over the rankings has done a terrible disservice to the entire industry. Agencies rely on the rankings information to market themselves just as heavily as clients rely on the same information to judge the worth and value of an agency. For the rankings to have meaning, participation by all agencies is critical.

Instead of not participating, the industry should embrace the fact that these regulations, which are designed to restore trust and ethics in business, will require a reorganization of rankings information to make the entire process more credible.

We applaud PRWeek for challenging itself to invent creative methods of reporting information on agencies, and we look forward to participating in a revitalized process in the future.

Rita Sweeney
President and COO
Dorland Global Corp.


Tech pros missing from PRWeek DC roundtable

I've always been a huge fan of your Regional Forums because they provide a more intimate understanding of the trends shaping a specific geographic market. However, the Washington, DC, gathering (PRWeek, October 24) missed the mark. While the participants were all well-qualified and accomplished professionals, they represented the usual suspects of the communications community in DC: PR pros focused on public affairs, lobbying, government relations, and not-for-profit.

Washington, DC, is home to a fast-growing and highly successful technology-focused PR community. Much of this is driven by the presence of the federal government, but there are also companies in expanding sectors like security, satellite telecommunications, and systems integration.

I realize that PRWeek can't include every facet of a regional community, but such a growing segment of DC PR should have been in the mix.

Marc Hausman
President and CEO
Strategic Communications Group


An article in the November 7 issue, "Israeli news entity seeks firm to buoy profile in America," inaccurately described the news operations of The Media Line, a US-based nonprofit organization with an office in Jerusalem. The Media Line says its mission is to report objectively about events and issues in Israel, the Palestinian Authority, and the rest of the Middle East.

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