Golin/Harris opens door in Cleveland, aims to expand operation

CLEVELAND: Golin/Harris has finally decided to open an office in Cleveland.

CLEVELAND: Golin/Harris has finally decided to open an office in Cleveland.

CLEVELAND: Golin/Harris has finally decided to open an office in


Last year, the agency formally affiliated itself with Temple Rocks

Marketing, a small three-person Cleveland firm, and ran it out of its

Chicago headquarters.

Citing a rich PR climate, Golin will expand the operation with at least

three new hires in coming months.

The firm kick-started the process by hiring Karin Korpowski, a former

senior PR rep at Cleveland’s SeaWorld who lost her job because of

comments made to PRWeek (PRWeek, Oct. 18 and Nov. 1). Korpowski will

work on PR for cable superstation TBS’ NBA Monday night basketball

games, according to Patti Temple Rocks, the SVP running the Cleveland


Rocks had read Korpowski’s comments in PRWeek and was impressed with her

enthusiasm. When a recruiter brought her Korpowski’s name, Rocks

interviewed her and offered her the job almost immediately.

Rocks is currently searching for a 10- to 15-year industry veteran who

will be responsible for developing new business out of the Cleveland


She’s also hoping to find another SAE-level pro who boasts three to four

years’ worth of experience.

Rocks, formerly a Golin client when she headed PR for Dow Chemical, had

been leading Temple Rocks Marketing until its eventual affiliation with

Golin last year.

’The more I was able to educate some of the people about Cleveland, the

more a larger presence there made sense to Golin,’ she said. Added

Chicago office GM Keith Burton, ’We see Cleveland, as we do many cities

in the Midwest, as a market for expansion.’ Rocks and her two former

co-workers now formally work for Golin.

Rocks sees opportunities for Golin to do consumer PR in Cleveland, a

city whose agencies have traditionally specialized in

business-to-business work. She also sees the office expanding its reach

outside the region - the TBS account, for example, is based in


Golin’s decision to hang a shingle in Cleveland makes it the second

international firm to come to the city in the past nine months,

following Fleishman-Hillard.

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