The Big Pitch: How can Sean ’Puffy’ Combs repair his image in the wake of his recent arrest?






If Sean ’Puffy’ Combs wants to repair his image - and that’s a big ’if,’

given the business he’s in and the friends he has - he should take a

series of concrete steps that show he’s ready to become a responsible

corporate citizen and a better role model. He must cooperate with

authorities to avoid getting indicted for illegal gun possession. He

might also apologize for the behavior of members of his entourage and

show concern for the shooting victims. It wouldn’t hurt to remind people

of his work on behalf of the homeless and youth volunteerism

initiatives, put together a huge rap concert to benefit programs like

Stop Handgun Violence or fund and star in a series of anti-violence

PSAs. Finally, if he’s lucky enough to win a Grammy on February 23, he

could give a humble acceptance speech that urges young people to resolve

their problems and disputes without resorting to violence. Puffy has a

powerful success story, if he wants to tell it.




The image of Sean ’Puffy’ Combs took quite a hit from this recent

nightclub incident. Before it, he was never really associated with the

’gangsta’ rap stars of today. Because of this incident, he falls into

the category of Tupac Shakur, Notorious B.I.G. and others who have had

confrontations with the law. However, Combs can separate himself from

the crowd. First and foremost, he needs to go on record about his

actions that evening.

The delay is continuing to erode his good-guy image and credibility as a

law-abiding individual. Strategically, it may be best for him to account

for that evening in the form of a statement which could then be

disseminated to the press. This statement would require approval from

his lawyers because of the pending court date, but something needs to be

said - and said quickly.

Following that, I would recommend that he be a little more judicious

about the clubs he visits, who he surrounds himself with and the actions

taken when he is out in the public

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