The Big Pitch: How can Bill Clinton use PR to make his last year in office his best year yet?




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San Francisco.

If Clinton wants to be remembered well by history, restoring his

personal reputation should be paramount during his remaining year. He

needs to be seen as having come to terms with his own human frailty, and

as striving to achieve higher moral ground both publicly and privately

My advice?

Downplay the Hollywood/celebrity connections so visible in the past.

Focus on being seen as a supportive husband and caring father. Play the

role of respected senior statesman attempting to broker legislative

consensus, not partisan bickering. That’s Clinton’s best shot at a fair

shake from the historians.


TRUST Marketing & Communications


PR only creates the perception that this is his best year ever.

Celebrate the highlights of his presidency. Identify ways that America

is better off in 2000 than in 1992 that are attributable to the

president and make that the mantra - everybody loves to reminisce about

success. Clinton’s presidential definition can be inextricably tied to

the successes of the 1990s. His final months in office should be a

career celebration like Michael Jordan’s farewell tour, not singularly

defined by the infamous soundbite, ’I did not have sexual relations with

that woman.’



New York

Bill Clinton must keep working on the people’s business, but also take a

victory lap by using more visual reinforcement to remind people how his

administration made America a better place. He might do more events with

kids better prepared to compete and win in the global and digital

economy. He’s the best campaigner I’ve ever seen, so he should get out

of Washington more to help elect Al Gore, a Democratic Congress and a

certain new Senator from New York. Finally, he should do more

’spontaneous’ events - surprising a political science class, for

example, or taking someone who’s not from Washington out for a cup of

coffee or a round of golf.


Strauss Radio Strategies

Washington, DC

The White House should look at the president’s legacy and use PR to tell

the story of his success. Clinton was largely elected for his ’It’s the

Economy, Stupid’ theme, and we are now in the midst of our longest

running economic expansion in history. With the events of last year

behind us, the White House should return to the strategies that got

Clinton elected and engage people of all ages and interests by granting

interviews with less traditional media outlets, such as Hillary’s recent

triumph with David Letterman.

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