Competition drives PR salaries up 8% in ’99

NEW YORK: Apparently, PR stands for ’pay raise.’

NEW YORK: Apparently, PR stands for ’pay raise.’

NEW YORK: Apparently, PR stands for ’pay raise.’

PR salaries were up nearly 8% in 1999 - at least four times the US

average, according to PRWeek’s Salary Survey. And additional growth in

2000 is expected to bring the increase to more than 15% over two


Driving the growth is intense competition for talent among PR


Salaries at medium- and large-size firms rose by more than 12%, while PR

pay was up 6.9% at corporations. By comparison, Advertising Age has

reported that salaries rose only 6.6% at ad agencies.

As a result of the competition for talent, take-home pay at medium and

large firms is now neck-and-neck with or higher than what corporations

offer. Employees at agencies with 100 to 1,000 staffers earn dollars

71,194, compared with dollars 63,667 at similarly sized


The PRWeek Salary Survey also revealed that in the senior-most PR

positions, executive salaries are now higher than those of their Madison

Avenue counterparts.

Ad agency CEOs earn an average of dollars 163,100, while corporate SVPs

bring in dollars 172,808. An EVP at a large PR agency, however, earns

substantially more: dollars 205,905.

’Business is willing to pay more for generalists and problem solvers,

rather than functional specialists,’ said Matt Gonring, managing partner

of communications and integrated marketing at Arthur Andersen.

Less surprising is the fact that women still earn less than men. Despite

outnumbering men by nearly two to one within the profession, women earn

38% less.

Hi-tech PR salaries are growing the fastest - up more than 10% - but the

survey revealed that the sector’s average paycheck (dollars 69,957) lags

behind financial services (dollars 78,939), utilities (dollars 74,507),

retail (dollars 73,730), industrial/manufacturing (dollars 73,537) and

professional services (dollars 72,296).

- See editorial, p14 and Salary Survey, p23


Men                                  Agency (dlrs)    Corporation (dlrs)

Vice president                              97,928               105,495

Account manager/PR manager                  64,388                68,530

Account executive/PR officer                40,799                50,191

Women                                Agency (dlrs)    Corporation (dlrs)

Vice president                              84,087                84,725

Account manager/PR manager                  59,170                56,819

Account executive/PR officer                36,665                40,223

Source: PRWeek Salary Survey 2000

PRWeek/Impulse Research

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