THE BIG PITCH: What advice would you give to Al Gore so he could reach more male voters?

James Cecil

James Cecil

James Cecil

Access Communications

New York

The problem lies in Gore’s communication style. He should shed his

studied gestures and head tilts. Let Gore be Gore. 90% of all

communication is non-verbal, and the reason that Gore gets ribbed for

being so mechanical is that he appears to follow a formula on how to act

natural, rather than just acting natural. Gore is experienced and offers

substance on policy, yet all of that is undermined by coaching that

makes him self-conscious.

This is one case where less is more - he needs less handling and more

spontaneity. We would implement a three-Ms plan: a make-over to a more

natural appearance, media-training and male-bonding events, such as

fishing or playing poker with friends.

Larry Barrios

The MWW Group

Los Angeles

Gore’s success depends upon building upon his base: attracting both

females and males. Woodrow Wilson, Richard Nixon and Bill Clinton built

winning coalitions by adapting to the political environment and moving

onto their opposition’s turf. Usurping such stalwart Republican themes

as ’tough on crime’ and ’lower taxes,’ Gore could move into the

opposition’s domain, build upon his base of support and claim the middle

ground. Bush is left to either fight for the middle or resort to

embracing the far right of his party. Gore’s PR challenge is to maintain

his base while positioning himself as an atypical Democrat - one who

takes on conservative themes, but is still rooted in Democratic


Barry Wanger

Wanger Associates

Newton, MA

After the mess Al Gore got himself into regarding the Elian situation,

the last thing he needs to do is pander to another group or put on a

helmet and ride a tank a la Michael Dukakis. Gore should focus on his

competitive strengths - environment, healthcare, education and the

economy - issues of concern to men and women. Most importantly, it is

unwise for him to distance himself from the Clinton Administration as he

seems to be doing.

Polls show the public strongly approves of this administration’s

policies, even if it has problems with the President himself. Wimping

out will hurt Gore most with male voters, while remaining loyal and

supportive of the Administration will strengthen his appeal.

Paola Risso

RL Public Relations + Marketing

Los Angeles

In order for Al Gore to reach more male voters, a PR campaign would have

to involve his participation in male-oriented activities, perhaps even a

game of basketball with his friends and colleagues. Given that Gore has

no male children, maybe he might take a nephew or other youthful male

relative for an afternoon of fishing. Additionally, lending his support

to Big Brothers of America or another similar organization might show

Gore in a positive light as a role model for other men. A more active

role in business and minority organizations would also benefit the


Gore should additionally be media trained so that he looks more relaxed

while on TV

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