The Big Pitch: How should Giuliani maintain his reputation in the wake of his personal turmoil?

Hank Sheinkopf

Hank Sheinkopf

Hank Sheinkopf

Sheinkopf Ltd.

New York

Rudy Giuliani, who defined his entire career and every action as moral,

has turned out to be just like everyone else: flawed. So what does he do

now? His unfortunate illness provides the appropriate exit. He should

announce his course of treatment for prostate cancer and withdraw from

the New York Senate race in a graceful manner. Additionally, he should

hold a press conference with the newly chosen Republican Senate

candidate and make a major donation with his campaign funds to the state

Republican Party. Giuliani might also spend more time with his children

in a very public way. His new status as humbled man and his loyalty to

his party will serve him well in the future.

James Haggerty

The PR Consulting Group

New York

The events of the past few weeks have revealed Giuliani as a man under

intense pressure, a man who actually might be on the verge of ’losing

it.’ When faced with such intense scrutiny of their personal life, even

experienced public figures run the risk of losing control of their life

and, by extension, their public persona. I would suggest that Giuliani

give up all that is extraneous for now - including any thoughts of

public office - and instead think about doing the ’right’ thing: taking

the high road with regard to his wife, his family and his illness.

Thomas Goodwin

The Hawthorn Group

Alexandria, VA

The mayor’s personal and political messages are trampling each other big

time. His health won’t allow him to be a 24/7 mayor, let alone a 24/7

Senate candidate, and he can no longer play holier-than-thou in private

or public life. The best thing he could do now is rely on a contemporary

version of ’family values’: take blame for the failed marriage,

apologize to his wife for blindsiding her and reiterate his commitment

to the kids.

He should also minimize discussion of cancer treatment and position his

silence as being for his kids and for the job to which he was


He should take the kids to a Yankees game. And while he’s at it, he

might try to hold off kissing Judith in public for, like, a week,


Charles McLean

Hill & Knowlton

Washington, DC

The mayor’s problems have, ironically, presented him with an excellent

opportunity to present his ’human side’ to the public. His message here

should be straightforward: I deeply regret the mistakes I’ve made and

the hurt I’ve caused. He should also use this moment to communicate the

virtue of ’coming clean,’ and to remind us how hard it is to ’live a

lie.’ By connecting with universal human experience, he could actually

enhance his stature with voters. Who knows? If the Republicans win the

White House, the new, more ’human’ Giuliani could be our next attorney


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