Questions & Answers: Enid Doggett

Enid Doggett of Ketchum’s Washington, DC office is incredibly spiritual.

Enid Doggett of Ketchum’s Washington, DC office is incredibly spiritual.

Enid Doggett of Ketchum’s Washington, DC office is incredibly


Still, that doesn’t stop her from regularly worshipping at the altar of

the media, or meeting members of West Wing.

What is your role at the agency? I’m a VP for corporate affairs and do a

lot of media relations. I also provide psychological counseling to

reporters and producers.

How do you make a difference? I’m known as ’Media Mom’ because I coach a

lot of young people at my office. I also preach the virtues of watching

C-SPAN regularly.

What was your most embarrassing moment or biggest failure? As a PR

practitioner, I’m never embarrassed, and I believe failure is a catalyst

for greater achievement.

How did you get into PR? I spent 10 years as a journalist, all the time

knowing my true calling was PR. One day I lost two jobs (I worked for

two Washington, DC radio stations), and somebody offered me a shot

working in the communications office of the DC Recreation Department. I

fell in love with the profession while writing my first press


How did you get where you are today? By making myself a consumer of all

things media-related. Trade publications, organizations, people ... I

love them all.

What would you do if you didn’t do what you do? I’d work at the Borders

bookstore at 18th and L in DC. Of course, I’d hit the lottery first and

would still do volunteer PR work.

What will be the next big thing to hit PR? A reality-based TV program

about PR ... think Survivor-meets-PT Barnum.

Who will be the PR industry’s next big hero, and why? Any journalist who

will admit that the news media is ultimately beholden to the PR


Who do you hate most? People who believe their own press releases. A

little humility is the key to success in all things.

With which historical figure do you identify? Ida Wells Barnett, the

first black newspaper woman in the US in the late 19th century. It was

her daily newspaper that finally drew attention to the barbaric practice

of lynchings of non-whites in the South.

Name one thing about your past that people would be surprised to learn.

That I was a restaurant cook. I was fired after one day.

What is your best ability? My ability to evaluate people and

circumstances. I have a 90% accuracy rate.

What is your philosophy? Let Go. Let God.

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