Last Call: 'Business casual' hits new low as CEO hits NY in bathrobe

It's not every day that a chief executive promotes his company in a bathrobe and slippers. But that's exactly what Clifford Boro of Web company Internet Financial Network was wearing at a marketing display on a busy Manhattan street.

'It wasn't my idea. I was resisting. But it's all in the nature of fun,' said Boro, clad in a navy blue bathrobe and matching slippers. 'I'd like to think that the idea behind it is that from the moment you wake up in the morning in your slippers to when you go to bed, Infogate is watching information that you care about.'

Infogate is a new service run by Internet Financial Network that delivers business news, stock quotes and corporate data via a small frame on the user's computer screen.

The executive, sitting in a display window at a movie theater on Broadway and 68th Street - not far from Lincoln Center - took questions about publicly traded companies from passersby and used Infogate to retrieve the answers.

People inquired about companies' stock symbols, revenues, trading volume and customer base. Boro, speaking via a microphone hookup, provided most of the answers within a minute.

The New York-based company plans to make Infogate profitable by receiving payments from sponsors that want to offer their customers unique information and by selling advertising space, Boro said.

While the business is new and relatively untested, Boro says the company has over dollars 20 million to spend and is not under pressure to be profitable any time soon.

And the bathroom strategy? 'If it gets us downloads and attention, (our investors) will love it,' Boro said. 'It's completely embarrassing, but only for a few minutes and then it wears off.'

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