Last Call: Which flacks get most whacked? The results are in!

If the results from the recently launched 'Whack-a-Flack' game are any indication, Brodeur, Edelman, Ogilvy, Hill & Knowlton and Burson-Marsteller better start reevaluating their media relations practices.

A month ago, a Bedford, MA company called eTractions launched a game inviting journalists to 'whack' their favorite (or least favorite) PR firm online via the digital equivalent of paper airplanes. Since the site ( debuted, more than 7,000 visitors have logged on to play the game. Each of the five agencies above were chosen by nearly 1,000 online whackers.

To be fair, not a single one of the 20 PR firms listed on the site escaped unscathed - every firm was selected as a target by hundreds of site visitors.

Also, no single agency scored much higher on the whack scale than any of the others.

Why did journalists pick these five firms as the best targets of the bunch? The top reasons given, in order of frequency, were because they are ... butt-kissers (17%), clueless (16%), arrogant (13%), and annoying (5%). Last Call was fascinated to find out what top execs at the five PR firms thought of being dubbed butt-kissers; unfortunately, nobody was willing to comment.

For all of you already steamed at this latest example of PR bashing in the press, take heart. According to Etractions VP of marketing Kim Shah, one anonymous caller's suggestion that the company host a similar game of 'Whack-a-Hack' is still under consideration, giving PR tradespeople the chance to retaliate against some of those nasty scribes, who have been known to be annoying, clueless and arrogant themselves.

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