Thirty under thirty: Who will be the PR stars of the future? PRWeek selected 30 outstanding people, all under the age of 30, who are continuing the heritage of excellence in PR counsel - and they're doing it now

They are the future. They have invaluable insight into the mind-set, attitudes, beliefs, of the young consumer audience. They are, of course, the new generation of PR practitioners. Yet the spotlight of industry attention is rarely focused on the individuals who make up this new generation.

They are the future. They have invaluable insight into the mind-set, attitudes, beliefs, of the young consumer audience. They are, of course, the new generation of PR practitioners. Yet the spotlight of industry attention is rarely focused on the individuals who make up this new generation.

They are the future. They have invaluable insight into the mind-set, attitudes, beliefs, of the young consumer audience. They are, of course, the new generation of PR practitioners. Yet the spotlight of industry attention is rarely focused on the individuals who make up this new generation.

They are the future, but the issues of recruiting, training and retaining mean that the PR industry tends to refer to them in the collective context of the problems they pose.

These are the troublesome members of Generation Y - as in 'Why' is it so hard to find good candidates? 'Why' will they not stay in one job for more than five seconds? 'Why' do they believe the world owes them a living?

And, 'Why' are they so impatient for success?

PRWeek's Thirty Under Thirty was devised to redress the balance: to look for the best of what the younger generation has to offer, and to focus attention on their skills, their achievements, and, above all, their passion for the PR industry.

The Thirty Under Thirty selected here were chosen after an extensive review. First came the nominating process, in which both individuals and organizations were invited to pick outstanding candidates for review.

PRWeek used a combination of our own database of contacts and PR alerts on services such as Profnet and Expert Source.

A team of judges (see below) was then put together with specific experience in selecting, interviewing and employing candidates from all fields of the PR profession - agencies, corporations, non-profits - to ensure that we weren't just looking for the same skill set.

The judges then set out to select the final 30. As well as ensuring that all candidates were under 30 (on the date of publication), the qualities they were looking for included: outstanding work performance as demonstrated by the level of management responsibility achieved; the difficulty and caliber of the tasks; speedy promotion; awards and other factors; commitment to the cause in which they served, to the PR industry and even to a specific employer; as well as a well-rounded background, and interests over and above public relations and communications for itself.

The final 30 reflect these goals well. They also reflect trends in the industry. For example, the list is dominated by women, by a factor of two to one1. This is very much in line with the industry norm of 65% (Source: PRWeek Salary Survey 2000).

It also comes as no surprise to find that 10 of the 30 are in hi-tech: it's a young, hip, fast-moving industry, seeking young, hip, fast-thinking practitioners. It also helps that hi-tech PR pays well and offers a particularly fast track to promotion. No other sector dominates the make-up of the final 30 in quite the same way: the next largest tranche are generalists (eight), with the relatively few number of specialists in financial (three), IR (one), public affairs (one), litigation communications (one) and healthcare (one), perhaps being a reflection of the perceived need for a greater amount of experience. The remainder work in university PR (one), associations (one), youth marketing (one), leisure (one) and the environment (one).

By region, most of the major PR centers are well represented, with New York (nine), DC (four) and Chicago (four) leading the field, but Atlanta also scored well. There is a surprisingly low showing among California (two) and Texas (two) practitioners, and the other selections are one each from Boston, Florida, Seattle, Oregon, Pennsylvania and Kansas.

And what about education? First, this is not an industry that requires a Harvard or Yale education: only three of the Thirty Under Thirty are Ivy Leaguers (from University of Pennsylvania and Dartmouth).

More than one-third (11 total) of the final 30 have degrees that include PR and communications as a component (one particularly interesting combination involved agricultural communications), reflecting the growth in the availability of this industry-specific training. Journalism (seven), always a breeding ground, is the second most popular source, with English (four) and other liberal arts (four) third. Business degrees (two) and science degrees (one) were relatively rare, although psychology and sociology minors were common. The biggest surprise is that only one of the Thirty Under Thirty has a degree in advertising/marketing.

The Thirty Under Thirty also confirms that a master's degree is far from essential. Only one finalist, John Walker, has an MBA - in international marketing - and only two others have master's degrees (Christy Frederick in PR and marketing, Valerie Burton in journalism). Jenifyr Bedard is currently pursuing a master's in communication.

The agencies are also seen in force in the 30 under 30, with 23 of the selected young practitioners hailing from an agency background (with six in-house PROs and one freelance). Of the 23, two (Peter Shankman and Valerie Burton) are already running their own firm.

Of course, a greater balance between client-side PROs would have been preferable, for equality's sake, and it was notable that the number of original nominations from the agency side far exceeded those from the client side.

Nevertheless, one possible explanation is that at 32.7, the average age of agency-side practitioners is considerably lower than the 37.9 years on the in-house side and the 38.4 years on the non-profit side (Source: PRWeek Salary Survey 2000). From this we can conclude that in-house practitioners are more likely to have moved to the client side once they have gained experience, so that a selection of outstanding individuals below the age of 30 is likely to be dominated by the agency side.

The judges

James S. O'Rourke, associate professor and director of Fanning Center for Business Communications at the University of Notre Dame, is currently leading a task force at the Arthur Page Society, which has been set up to attract and recruit outstanding candidates to the PR profession. The brief of Jack Bergen, president of the Council of Public Relations Firms includes a similar recruiting component. As well as his agency experience (he was president and CEO of GCI, and president of Hill & Knowlton), Bergen has extensive experience on the corporate side, as VP of internal and external relations at the CBS Corporation and in politics, as a strategic planner in the Pentagon and chief speech writer to Secretary of Defense Caspar Weinberger. Jean Allen is a partner at executive search firm Heidrick & Struggles, is head of the corporate and marketing communications practice.

The three remaining judges are all highly-regarded agency human resources experts: Dan Relton at GCI Group; Judith Harrison at Ruder Finn; and Donna Renella at Hill & Knowlton.

Langley Allbritton

Firm: Shandwick International/

Miller Title: Account supervisor

Age: 26

By all accounts, Allbritton embodies the phrase 'grace under pressure,' which must have been useful when she was responsible for launching the Nicorette Inhaler in Hong Kong, one of the great smoking capitals of the world. Bright, affable and extremely capable, her peripatetic career at Shandwick has already taken her to three major cities - Hong Kong, San Francisco and Boston - in as many years. In addition, Allbritton, who has been at the agency for five years, plays a dual role running two major accounts and working on the interactive PR team at Miller Shandwick Technologies.

She also manages MST's mentor program and is spearheading its effort to redesign its Web site.

Jenifyr Bedard

Firm: Joseph L. Morse Geriatric Center's public affairs department

Title: Public relations coordinator

Age: 29

Bedard is used to the limelight: she has won six professional awards in four years, including the Rising Star Award from the Association for Women in Communications Palm Beach Treasure Coast Chapter in 1997. Her eight years experience in the business is varied to say the least. Her career spans media relations for The National Enquirer and The American Lung Association, retail and healthcare accounts in a PR agency and orchestrating national and local publicity for the movie Do You Want to Know a Secret?

Bedard has long found ways of combining her love of theatrical arts with PR expertise and has been publicity director for the Palm Beach Shakespeare Festival since 1998. She is also pursuing her master's degree in communications at Florida Atlantic University.

Jill Bratina

Firm: Ketchum

Title: Vice president litigation communications

Age: 27

Bratina has swiftly ascended the PR ranks ever since attaining an honors degree in communications and political science from American University in Washington. Her career began with providing communications support for Senator Bob Dole's presidential campaign and national media support for vice-presidential nominee Jack Kemp. Bratina is an expert on crisis management, litigation communications, public affairs and issues management.

In a mere four years, she has advised trade associations and a top 20 university. She has also provided counsel in a wide range of legal disputes, including one of the nation's largest class-action product liability conflicts and a major anti-trust lawsuit. Her experience covers everything from one-on-one briefings for local media to strategic consulting for Fortune 500 companies.

Meridith Braun

Firm: Infogames

Title: US product public relations manager

Age: 29

In less than five years, Braun has gone from being an administrative assistant who thought Bacon's was something you put on salad to head of product PR for a dollars 500 million company. This country girl, who swapped the backwaters of Idaho for the lure of New York City, first became a nanny, then an ad agency junior before discovering an affinity for PR.

Working on the agency side for three years exposed Braun to a wide variety of clients, particularly in the hi-tech arena. However, she began to tire of 'heavy' hi-tech and when a friend reignited her teenage passion for video games, she looked for a job specifically in that sector. Now in California, she delights in telling people she gets paid to play games.

Valerie Burton

Firm: The Burton Agency

Title: President

Age: 27

A former beauty queen and freelance journalist, Burton started her own agency at the age of just 24. Her first book, Rich Minds, Rich Rewards: 50 Ways to Enhance Your Everyday Life, was published in 1999 and will be reissued next year. Burton began her career as an intern with Governor Lawton Chiles in Tallahassee in 1992. During her three years as a freelancer, from 1993 to 1996, she also acted as media relations coordinator for the local minor league hockey team. Prior to launching her agency in 1996, Burton spent a year as director of marketing for a top 10 Dallas CPA.

D Magazine and the Dallas Business Journal have also featured her as one of Dallas' 'Up-and-coming People under 30.'

Steven Callahan

Firm: Hill & Knowlton corporate group

Title: Managing director

Age: 29

One of the founders of the grass-roots and political programs division at Edelman in Washington, DC, Callahan has worked extensively on legislative issues, crisis management, media relations and spokesperson development.

Having joined H&K in 1997, he has become a key player in its US crisis team. Most recently he played a lead role in helping the Salt Lake City Organizing Committee and the International Olympic Committee deal with the biggest scandal in Olympic history, when SLOC was accused of trying to bribe the IOC. Callahan has designed and implemented crisis- and issues-management programs for a diverse range of companies, including those in the automotive, transport, healthcare, manufacturing and hi-tech arenas.

John Corey

Firm: BSMG

Title: Senior managing director

Age: 28

At 23, Corey was an assistant account executive. Five years later he has risen to senior MD in charge of BSMG's Chicago operation with 20 direct reports as well as management responsibilities in New York, San Francisco and Los Angeles. Corey is nothing if not dynamic and has developed a national reputation as a top practitioner in the real estate area. A former Golin/Harris intern, Corey rose to become partner and assistant national director of marketing services for the Financial Relations Board prior to its merger with BSMG Worldwide. He has counseled dozens of blue-chip clients, and his impressive record of client retention has won him numerous internal awards.

Melissa Davis

Firm: GCI Group

Title: Vice president technology practice

Age: 29

At the tender age of 29, Davis has already established herself as a mentor to everyone she works with, both staff and clients alike. She leads a team of 10 and is responsible for the growth and development of one of GCI's largest and most profitable clients, BellSouth Corporation. Recent strategic work includes planning and delivering BellSouth's announcement of its 10% stake in Qwest Communications. She also presided over its bid for Sprint against opposition from MCI WorldCom, then the biggest acquisition in history. Davis is also instrumental in GCI's new-business effort and won four technology accounts in the first half of this year alone.

Sarah Drennan

Firm: Council of Public Relations Firms

Title: Vice president of operations

Age: 27

Without Drennan's hard work, creativity and intelligence, the Council of PR Firms would not exist today. As half of the Council's staff, Drennan handles PR and marketing and manages operations and its dollars 1 million budget.

She is also Web master and oversees the industry research clearing house, which provides a knowledge base for the entire profession. As an intern at GCI Group she set up its first new-business database; when she returned as a permanent employee she expanded it into a knowledge management system that allowed all 34 offices to share information and collaborate on international projects. Never short on initiative, Drennan set up a monthly newsletter at GCI that helped bind the firm together.

Teresa Fereday

Firm: Ruder Finn

Title: Vice president marketing communications group

Age: 29

In charge of the division's business-to- business technology team with over dollars 1 million in annualized billings, Fereday brings hi-tech PR and advertising agency experience to her job. Fereday started her career in 1994 at Hadeler Sullivan Ewing Advertising and Marketing as a traffic manager. After transferring to sister company Hadeler White PR, she began specializing in media relations. Her stint at Fleishman-Hillard between 1997 and 1998 marked the start of her focus on technology business; it was also where she helped launch Nortel Networks. Fereday now works with a broad range of hi-tech clients, from networking services to software to Internet infrastructure providers.

Robert Ferris

Firm: GCI Group

Title: Vice president/director of investor relations

Age: 29

A certified broker before entering the investor relations field, Ferris has gained a reputation as one of the best in the business. He achieved the position of assistant vice president at Bull and Bear Securities before becoming president and co-managing director at The MWW Group, where his efforts were rewarded with several industry accolades. Under his leadership, GCI was voted one of the top three IP practices in the country. His extensive financial communications consulting expertise is put to use across trading, disclosure, corporate governance and financial management issues. He excels at positioning companies properly during acquisitions, mergers, divestitures, turnarounds, IPOs and crisis communications situations.

Christy Frederick

Firm: PR 21

Title: Vice president

Age: 28

Frederick took a mere two years to rise from account supervisor to vice president of Edelman's hi-tech specialist PR 21. A former independent marketing consultant for Andersen Consulting, she creates and implements strategic PR and integrated marketing communications programs for a variety of hi-tech and business-to-business clients. As well as managing numerous PR 21 teams, she is involved in the agency's new-business drive. Her previous experience, which includes a 15 month stint at sports marketing and PR firm Kemper Lesnik Communications and being a PRO during the 1996 Atlanta Olympic games, is ideally suited to providing senior support for new product launches, brand awareness and positioning work.

Anna Gonowon

Firm: Full Audio

Title: Director of public relations

Age: 26

During her summer vacation in Italy this year, Gonowon e-mailed her boss so often that he had to tell her to 'get technology PR off your brain, for Christ's sake.' Originally this neurobiology graduate wanted to be a professor before turning her hand to research for the United Nations and media consultation for a senatorial campaign in the Philippines. She worked in a number of PR agencies - including her own - before assuming the position at FullAudio, which was named by Red Herring as a top company to watch in 2000. She has continued her pro bono work and is one of the founders of DigitalEve, a non-profit organization for women in technology.

Valerie Holford

Firm: Fenton Communications

Title: Vice president

Age: 27

Holford first became politically active in the first grade by organizing a petition against animal testing of cosmetics. More recently she became Fenton's youngest-ever vice president. Holford began her career as an intern in the White House Office of Press Advance, which convinced her that she should devote herself to bringing important social issues to public attention by manipulating the media. At Fenton, which claims to be the largest public interest PR and ad agency in the US, she heads a team of six working on social justice and environmental issues. She is also responsible for staff training and workshops on everything from pitching to preparing clients for media grilling. Her successes include campaigns on urban sprawl, marine issues and toxic waste. Colleagues describe her as the consummate workaholic.

Billie Howard

Firm: Shandwick International

Title: Senior vice president, director of financial communications

Age: 27

It took Howard less than two years to be promoted from account supervisor to senior VP at Shandwick. Given that annual revenue on her accounts increased by 150% in the first year, the swiftness of her ascent is not altogether surprising. A seasoned professional with a proven track record of attracting new business, Howard created and now runs the agency's financial communications unit, which boasts annual gross revenues of over dollars 1.5 million. Her greatest strengths are in financial media relations, business-to-business media strategy development, economic development and investment promotion. A member of Shandwick's operations committee, she is directly involved in the agency's corporate policy development.

David Shane

Firm: Comcast Cable Comm

Title: Director of Public Relations East/West division and director of CN8 original programming

Age: 28

One of only three Ivy League graduates in our selection of faces to watch, Shane has one of the strongest national and local television news backgrounds in the corporate sector. He has in-depth experience at CBS News, working for The CBS Evening News with Dan Rather and Face the Nation, in addition to which he worked at two news stations in Philadelphia. At both stations he worked in the nerve center of the newsroom as assignment editor. One of the founders of Braithwaite Communication, Shane was the lead counsel for companies such as Ogden Entertainment, the Loewen Group and Suburban Cable. He also led the corporate PR department at hi-tech company Sensar where he was responsible for all US, European and Far Eastern PR.

Peter Shankman

Firm: The Geek Factory

Title: President and CEO

Age: 28

This seasoned-ex-journalist-turned-PR operator has long been a bit of a geek, so it was a highly appropriate name for the 'boutique' PR firm he founded to cater for small to medium-size Internet and hi-tech firms.

The Geek Factory, formed two years ago, recently won a share of the Juno account, and now claims annual billings of over dollars 1 million and employs a staff of eight. After three years as a hack, Shankman became director of new media for the New Jersey Devils Hockey Team, where he conceived, birthed and nurtured the team's official Web site. A year-long contract as director of marketing and corporate communications for The Jumbo! Group, which included top 40 Web site Jumbo and educational research site Homework Central, followed after which he became a full-time geek.

Geoff Sherr

Firm: Carryon Communications

Title: Co-founder, senior account strategist

Age: 25

The youngest of our hotshots has already established himself as an expert when it comes to advice in the Internet/entertainment industry. He is also a regular source for key digital Hollywood media, such as The Wall Street Journal and Red Herring. Sherr is responsible for strategy development and implementation for clients such as Ticketmaster Online-CitySearch, and Hollywood Stock Exchange, with particular focus on where the Net and the entertainment industry converge. He shared responsibility with the agency's president for implementing the new-business strategy, helping to build the agency to 35 employees and dollars 45 million in revenues in 18 months. Significant client wins include the Got Milk? campaign and Tenet Healthcare.

Lara Shriftman

Firm: Harrison & Shriftman

Title: Co-founder

Age: 28

PR party girl Shriftman likes to think of herself as not just in contact with the stars but friends with them. The number of minor celebrities that attended her last birthday party, which was hosted by former model Rachel Hunter, evidences this. Along with partner Elizabeth Harrison, Shriftman specializes in organizing glamour events for fashion, film, publishing, entertainment and luxury goods sectors. Her clients include Jimmy Choo, Hugo Boss, Cartier, Conde Nast Publications, Universal Studios, Mercedes-Benz, Motorola and Twentieth Century Fox. Recent projects include the world premieres of The Beach, starring Leonardo Di Caprio, The Next Best Thing, starring Madonna and Rupert Everett, and The Boiler Room, starring Ben Affleck and Giovanni Ribisi.

Ilene Siemer

Firm: BSMG Worldwide

Title: Director SLAM youth marketing

Age: 28

If you want to know whether body glitter is in or out with teens and in-betweens, Siemer is the person to ask, as she is founder of the agency's youth marketing practice. She was the first participant in BSMG's overseas exchange program with the SLAM office in London and returned determined to import the initiative across the pond. As head of the youth division, her clients include the milk mustache campaign, Nestle's Willy Wonka Candy Factory, Kraft, Oscar Mayer and Quaker Oats. In the six years she has been at BSMG she has risen from intern to director. Siemer counsels clients on how to avoid the pitfalls and talk to youngsters in their own language.

Wendy Johnson

Firm: Publicis Dialog

Title: Principal, group management director

Age: 27

Johnson is a true renaissance woman. An expert in running branded food accounts, her experience runs the gamut from investor relations to youth and sports marketing. At Publicis she runs two of the agency's most significant accounts, the Nestle USA foods business and Gardenburger, where her efforts are concentrated on strategic direction and issues management. She also supervises work from the Seattle office directly. She has been involved in issues management for PETsMART and law firm Preston Gates & Ellis.

At her previous agency, Julie Davis Associates, Johnson worked on a wide range of accounts, from orchestrating Foot Locker's search for the biggest foot in America to her award-winning work for Delta Airlines.

Lily Loh

Firm: Hill & Knowlton

Title: Senior account supervisor

Age: 28

Since joining H&K's corporate group, Loh has furthered her experience and knowledge of developing and implementing strategic communications plans, marketing campaigns and media relations programs for major businesses.

Her client list includes the likes of Bell Atlantic, the Gap, Gateway, the Siemens Foundation and Sunbeam. In addition she manages global relations and account coordination for Delphi Automotive Systems. Her first PR experiences were garnered at Ruder Finn's corporate and public affairs group. Her primary focus was developing positioning strategies and media relations for a diverse range of clients, such as the Gallup Organization, the MIT Industrial Performance Center, Novartis and the University of the West Indies.

Allison Mink

Firm: Porter Novelli

Title: Account supervisor, business marketing

Age: 26

Both clients and colleagues describe Mink as intuitive, intelligent and comprehensive. She enjoys significant management responsibilities for over dollars 1m of billings on the PricewaterhouseCoopers account, which pays testament to her ability to manage important accounts with little or no supervision. She recently attracted another dollars 120,000 of PwC business by adding its Management Consulting Service global data warehouse practice to her roster of clients. Her clients rave about her aptitude for dealing with complex business issues, her problem-solving abilities and her versatility.

Before joining Porter Novelli she was client services director of Weber Public Relations Worldwide's Miami office, where she managed the business services group.

Patrick Riccards

Firm: Outtask

Title: Vice president public relations

Age: 27

Riccards has worked on Capitol Hill ever since he was 19, first on the political campaign trail as a legislative intern with Senator John D Rockefeller IV, followed by a stint in a PR agency and most recently in a technology start-up. This multiple award- winner, who has been honored by the PRSA and the International Association of Business Communicators among others, spent five years in political campaigning, most recently as communications director/press secretary for US Representative John Olver. During a two year sojourn at the Widmeyer-Baker Group he was promoted three times from account manager to assistant vice president. In his new position he is responsible for all PR, media activities, advertising, analysts' relations and investor relations for business services provider, Outtask.

Carrie Scott

Firm: Fleishman-Hillard

Title: Vice president

Age: 27

Since joining Fleishman-Hillard in 1994, Scott has led programs for major global clients, such as Bayer, Aventis, DuPont and Teva Marion Partners.

Ideally qualified with a degree in agricultural communications, she focuses on positioning and internal communications for healthcare, agriculture and biotechnology clients. Earlier this year she counseled top management at DuPont on biotechnology issues surrounding the company's annual shareholders' meeting. Scott helped the company navigate the highly controversial issue so that it was prepared for activists, and yet could explain the position to investors. She has previously worked client side as acting corporate affairs manager for BASF, where she advised on all aspects of internal and external communication.

Rochelle Tillery-Larkin

Firm: Howard University/freelance

Title: Assistant professor, department of journalism

Age: 29

The only academic in our faces of the future, Tillery-Larkin combines teaching with freelance consulting. A former professor of public relations, she began her academic career in 1995 at the University of Tennessee.

In 1998, she returned to her alma mater and last summer completed her doctorate at Southern Illinois University. She is a multiple award-winner and last October won a top paper accolade from the PRSA. She works as research director with Colabours Communications and Sylvia Cordy & Company.

She has long been associated with the PRSA, first as chapter president when studying for a bachelor's degree and now as national chair for its multicultural communications section, a member of its national strategic planning committee.

Jose Villasenor

Firm: Ketchum

Title: Vice president

Age: 29

In only 12 months, Villasenor has quadrupled revenues within the agency's technology and brand practices in Dallas. He led the development and execution of various Internet, hi-tech and consumer PR programs, including the launch campaigns for several dot-coms. Having completed Ketchum's 'Masters in High Tech Marketing' program, he serves as an analyst relations specialist for many Ketchum clients. In addition, he provides Hispanic PR counsel for the Miller Brewing Co. and leads the team developing an Hispanic strategy for Wendy's Restaurants. Villasenor began his career as assistant vice president, governmental relations at the Greater El Paso Chamber of Commerce in 1994. Two years later he became chief of staff for Texas State Representative Norma Chavez.

John Walker

Firm: Edelman Public Relations Worldwide

Title: Senior account supervisor

Age: 28

Walker originally trained in professional accountancy and later earned an MBA in international marketing. Now he manages Edelman's Atlanta technology practice, which is the office's fastest growing group, and has been involved with major business-to-business and consumer hi-tech wins. His team provides strategic counsel and program management to Interland, Optio Software and E-Invest, which generate over dollars 1 million in annual revenue. Notably, he took Interland through the IPO process successfully at a time when technology companies were avoiding the public markets. Before joining Edelman, Walker worked at Ketchum, where he played an integral part in setting up its Atlanta international division.

Jason Williams

Firm: William Mills Agency

Title: Senior vice president, director of the technology practice

Age: 28

Williams has the longest track record of any of our young trailblazers, having started in the PR business 10 years ago as an assistant account executive at Crawley Haskins & Rodgers Public Relations. By 1994, he was director of public relations/account supervisor at MarCom Group. Williams has worked for himself as well as for some of the top names in PR, such as Cohn & Wolfe and Edelman, where he was VP, technology. He joined William Mills in 1999 to establish and manage the agency's technology practice.

A key member of its executive team, he has helped secure over 40% growth.

Throughout his career he has provided strategic marketing communications counsel to some of the America's largest and most dynamic companies.

Jennifer Young

Firm: Wave Rock Communications

Title: Vice president PR strategies

Age: 28

Young co-founded Wave Rock at the beginning of 1999 to focus on Web-driven companies. Her group has been responsible for the company's explosive growth. Young's division has grown from a staff of one to 21 in 18 months and is responsible for producing two-thirds of the agency's dollars 4.3 million revenue. This three-time recipient of the PRSA excellence award has depth and breadth of experience in Internet business-to-business and business-to-consumer PR. Before taking her place in the executive management team at Wave Rock she spent five years at KVO Advertising & Public Relations.

Colleagues and clients laud her for her business acumen, grace and dynamism.

Young has just left Wave Rock to embark on the next stage of her assault on the top echelons of PR.

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