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John Monahan He named his agency after his four-year-old brother, and looks like a miserable Elvis. Meet James Monahan, president of Seattle's communications giant, Trey Public Relations

Describe the company you work for Trey Public Relations is a sports and entertainment PR outfit, relatively small (OK, three employees) which focuses on the 'niche' sports/entertainment aspect of Seattle (ie, Seattle International Film Festival, local radio personalities, etc.).

What do you do there? I'm president and janitor.

Tell us something interesting about your agency Trey PR is named after my 4-year-old brother, Trey (Michael Paul Fodroci, III).

What is your most embarrassing moment? We sent out a press release announcing an upcoming show for a local young symphony composer - who could neither read nor write music - at a prestigious new symphony hall last December.

The news editor at our local Fox affiliate thought it read that he was blind! So the channel covered the story, focusing on the 'fact' that he was blind and it was picked up by Fox nationally, running all across the country.

How did you get into PR? I began by serving as primary contact for all visiting and local media for the Seattle Sonics (NBA). I also wrote a regular column for Fastbreak magazine (official magazine for the Sonics).

How did you get to where you are today? By networking at an early age along with maintaining a focus on the industry that brings daily excitement and challenge - sports and entertainment PR.

What would you like to change about the PR industry? The misperception of what PR is really about. It's not just the spin.

What will be the next big thing to hit PR and why? The involvement of the Latino community. The market - especially the Internet - is providing an opportunity for Latino professionals to begin a career in PR in such a manner that will allow an international crossover of new ideas and philosophies on how PR on the Internet is marketed and presented.

Who do you most look like?Elvis.

What is the best invention of all time? Caller ID.

Who put the ' bomp' in the 'bomp shoo bomp shoo bomp?'

Not me - nor would I want to, especially these days. You've got to be careful.

With which historical figure do you identify? John F Kennedy, for his determination and focus on making permanent change in his area of expertise.

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