Last Call: Bad luck? Move your desk lamp

That account you lost? That high-profile stunt that went horribly awry? Maybe it wasn't your fault, after all. It could just be that your office furniture wasn't properly aligned.

That, presumably, is what the Gold Coast Chapter of the International Association of Business Communicators was preaching last week as it hosted a presentation on 'Balancing Your Work and Life with Feng Shui.' (What, all the lounge singers in Florida were booked for the week?)

Feng Shui, for those whose offices haven't yet been turned upside down for its sake, is the 'ancient Chinese art of object placement and environmental design.' Adherents believe that objects on the material plane - that ratty old La-Z-Boy that haunts your den, for example - must be positioned in accordance with their correlates in higher planes. Otherwise, everything gets thrown out of whack and bad things start to happen.

Unless, of course, you hire a Feng Shui master to organize your detritus for you and buy his entire 11-volume set of books on the topic. Sounds like a bizarre fad badly in need of a publicist to us.

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