Last Call: Nutters making a case for nut-tech

There's no question who invented the InterNut, and it wasn't Al Gore.

Erik Dafforn, of the Internet PR firm IntraPromote, devised it as a way to promote the sale of old-economy black walnuts online.

When launching as an e-channel for nutmeat wholesaler Hammons Products in Stockton, MI, Dafforn knew he had to work hard to grab attention away from the frankly sexier area of the new economy. 'We spoofed the typical hi-tech press release to get noticed,' he said.

The release read: 'Hammons is the global pioneer in combining Nut-to-Business (N2B) and Nut-to-Consumer (N2C) Technology.

'TheN2B + N2C architecture is scalable across all of Hammons' product lines, but is most effective when serving up the pride of Hammons' products.'

IntraPromote's Sandy Muller mapped out the release strategy and was the press contact. She received some 200 media calls. However not all publications bit on the idea. Presumably, they prefer cookies to nuts.

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