LAST CALL: Nice mooooooove by Ohio PR agency

PR and ad firm Buchanan & Associates has made great use of a holiday donation. Eschewing the usual seasonal knick-knacks sent to clients, the agency instead made a donation in the names of its clients to the Heifer Foundation, which sends a variety of fauna to feed the Third World poor.

True to its roots in dairy-heavy Ohio, Buchanan chose to send a cow (priced at around dollars 200) to provide milk and calves for an impoverished family in Africa. And true to its profession, the firm couldn't resist the opportunity to give itself a 'pat' on the back with a punny press release. The ud-derly shameless header: 'Ohio public relations agency plans a 'MOOVING' holiday gift.'

If that weren't enough to make even the most pun-loving hack groan, the same release quotes principal Susie Buchanan as saying, 'It's a moooving gesture that lets us have fun while doing something good.'

We are not amoosed. But Buchanan can probably be forgiven for milking its act of charity. After all, it is going to a good cowse. (That's enough, Ed.)

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