Last Call: MGM cooks up PR spin for 'Hannibal'

Hannibal, the sequel to Silence of the Lambs, is due for release next month and, according to the New York Post, 'the spin has begun.'

The paper reported that MGM's publicity office sent out 600 tape recorders to media contacts, together with a tape of the film's star, Anthony Hopkins, in full Hannibal mode.

Dr Lecter is heard hissing to his muse, Clarice Starling: 'Are you back on the case?'

Nauseatingly, a copy of The Joy of Cooking, lovingly inscribed: 'Bon Appetit. Hannibal Lecter, MD,' was then dispatched to 1,200 contacts.

And something else is on its way, Amanda Lundberg, MGM's SVP for publicity, told the Post. But she won't reveal the surprise.

Judging from the first film, there are a few things it could be. A hockey mask, perhaps, or a nice bottle of Chianti.

Let's just hope it isn't some studio executive's pickled head in a jar.

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