LAST CALL: 'Whassup?' How 'bout a new line?

We've heard of being so angry you want to smack something. We've even heard of being so angry you wanted to smash something. But so angry you want to crunch something?

That was the thinking behind the Super Bowl Snickers ad for its new chocolate bar, the Cruncher. Over 10,000 voters cast their electronic ballots on the Snickers homepage and - without benefit of a manual recount - 'Whassup?' was deemed the most overused phrase of 2000, and therefore most deserving of being 'crunched.'

The phrase was inserted into the spot just before it was aired and the spot is being billed as the first Super Bowl commercial that consumers had a hand in creating. However, we at PRWeek thought up a few choice phrases of our own. After phoning a friend, we would like to nominate the following to be 'crunched:' 'End-to-end solution'; 'Best in class'; 'Empower' and 'Synergy.'

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