LAST CALL: XFL takes Los Angeles to the Xtreme

As Oscar Wilde might have said - if he were alive and well and passing comment on American sports - to lose one pro sports team may be regarded as a misfortune; to lose both looks like carelessness.

Los Angeles lost two football teams in the 90s and failed to attract another, making the city's PR sadly lacking on the sports front.

But now LA has a replacement of which - according to the LA Times - it can be proud. The XFL (the 'X,' by the way, does not stand for extreme, though it may as well), the sham-glam amalgam of pro wrestling and football concocted by the World Wrestling Federation, blessed the City of Angels with the LA Xtreme.

The venerable LA Coliseum - the site of two Olympic Games - will now host a sport where groin pulls aren't injuries, they're legal maneuvers.

The XFL says personality will be more important to its teams than talent, which seems fitting for LA. But Angelenos empty their baseball stadiums in the seventh inning, so the XFL has to wonder: Will anyone stay until the last pile-driver?

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