He looks like Bluto - all 6 feet and 7 inches of him - and rumors of his demise have been greatly exaggerated. Meet the hard-to-pronounce Per Caroe, VP at Chocolate Communications.

Describe the company you work for. Chocolate Communications is a full-service PR consultancy that bills by results, not by the hour.

What do you do there? We work with the client to get under the skin of the end target. The target depends on what the client needs. Do they need clients buying product or VCs with a big check? It requires a more creative approach than the press release mill.

How do you make a difference? Give that I'm 6'7', my clients get more creativity per square inch than the other guys.

I don't have an industry background; I've been in-house for small software and hardware Internet enablers. So I've always approached things from a slightly different point of view.

Tell us something interesting about your agency. The number of times a day that I have to spell out and pronounce my name as well as the agency name. Twelve is the record. Apparently, Per isn't one of the most common names in the US.

What is your most embarrassing moment/biggest failure? A briefing with Josh Quitner at Time, when a product demonstration completely bombed. I could have cried. Watching a man my size cry is not pretty.

How did you get into PR? Backwards. I realized the pay sucks as a TV journalist.

How did you get where you are today? Working 80 hours a day and having insomnia. I send more 2am e-mails than anyone ever should.

What would you like to change about the PR industry? Get people to think of the implications of their actions instead of going after every scrap of press out there.

Who will be the PR industry's next big hero and why? Bill Clinton. Because he has to do something and he's just so damn good at spin.

Who do you most look like? Bluto or Paul Bunyan

What is the best invention of all time? The mass-produced nail. I don't think it's gotten its just credit.

Who or what do you hate most? Intolerance. I'd eradicate it with the fiery sword of ...

With which historical figure do you identify? George Washington. He was a massive failure as a General and through pure spin, became the father of our country.

What would you do on a desert island? Build stuff, and whine about not having a wok or curry powder.

Name one thing about your past that people would be surprised to learn. Most of my schoolmates believed this weird rumor that I was killed in 1985. I wasn't even invited to my reunion, and I live in the same town that I went to high school in. I'm still listed in the phone book!

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