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The US Mint with Fleishman-Hillard

'Golden Dollar'

Most PR campaigns somehow involve trying to get people to spend money, but Fleishman-Hillard's campaign for the US Mint was a new take.

Congress instructed the Mint to produce a new dollar coin to 'co-circulate' with traditional dollar bills. History was not on the side of the new product. The previous dollar coin - the Susan B. Anthony dollar - had been a huge flop because its design made it hard to distinguish from a quarter. After 21 years, few were in circulation. Selling the new coin would take a well thought-out campaign, with strong research playing a key role.

Fleishman's initial research confirmed it would be best to target the young - especially urban dwellers, who are the biggest users of coins.

(Older consumers use fewer coins, and have longer memories of the Susan B. Anthony dollar disaster.) It also concluded that a strong endorsement of the coin's design from the media would give the program a big boost.

Having used demographic data to establish the target audience Fleishman then worked on more qualitative research, including one-on-one interviews and focus group discussions with consumer groups to identify appealing and effective message platforms; create a brand identity for the coin, test and select the name 'Golden Dollar' for the product; and provide an effective platform for the ad campaign. The research also provided the groundwork for an extensive national ad campaign.

Meanwhile, once baseline levels of interest in the coin were established, Fleishman kept collecting quantitative public opinion data to measure their improvement while also analyzing media content. And in much the same way as the Consumer Product Index uses a single number to explain a variety of complicated findings, Fleishman created a Dollar Coin Index that combined these two measurements into a single statistic to determine whether the campaign's message about the coin's viability was getting out, while explaining the results to the client in a simple, easy-to-remember fashion. That gave the company a sense of what was working and what wasn't, so that modifications to the campaign could be made.

By July 2000, six months after the coin's launch, 91% of American consumers were aware of the coin, 78% said they supported the minting of the coin and 50% had already received at least one. The US Mint had said a circulation of 100 million of the coins in all of 2000 would be considered a success, but only a month after launch there were already 200 million.

By the end of the first year, the number of 'Golden Dollars' produced surpassed the total number of Susan B. Anthony dollars minted over 20 years.


Computer Technology Industry Association with Ogilvy - The Crisis in IT Service & Support

When the Computer Technology Industry Association asked Ogilvy Public Relations Worldwide to help it publicize the shortage of skilled workers and overcome the industry's personality stereotypes, the agency put together an impact analysis of the shortage of IT workers. Its survey found that 10% of IT service and support positions were unfilled and that the shortfall was cutting dollars 110.5 billion off the US gross domestic product. That figure caught the attention of a variety of national media outlets, including The Wall Street Journal and other major newspapers. Several agencies of the federal government and even the White House - who were among the primary targets of the report - requested copies.

Winner 2000: AT&T with Delahaye Media-link research into understanding how news coverage and advertising interact

The Award

The award recognizes the most effective use of research and evaluation in both establishing campaign goals and measuring success

Finalists 2001

- Ace Hardware with BSMG - 'Organize Your Life'

- Wheat Foods Council with Fleishman-Hillard - 'Grains: Harvest the Energy'

- The US Mint with Fleishman-Hillard - 'Golden Dollar'

- Korbel Champagne - 'Countdown to the Millennium'

- Computer Technology Industry Association with Ogilvy - 'The Crisis in IT Service & Support'


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