PR WEEK AWARDS 2001: Campaign - Consumer Launch of the Year 2001 Sponsored by WestGlen Communications.




Lippe Taylor with Procter & Gamble - Physique hair care

The enemy: bad hair days. The savior: Physique hair care products. Physique maker Procter & Gamble commissioned a study by Dr Marianne La-France, renowned gender and social psychologist at Yale University, which confirmed the stress associated with bad hair days. 'Physique Hairstyle Liberation Day' was launched in New York's Times Square in January 2000. Passersby tried out Physique products and had their hair professionally styled. Simultaneously, Lippe Taylor conducted a media tour with LaFrance, and released an ANR and video footage via satellite. The launch received over 1 billion impressions within four months. Moreover, after only two months, Physique's sales were the highest of any hair care brand in history.


JetBlue Airways - 'Jet Blue: Cheap Chic Lands in New York'

'The seats are cramped!' 'The service stinks!' 'Flying is expensive!' 'Are these planes safe?' JetBlue, an airline introduced in New York City in July 1999, heard these common consumer fears and not only addressed them, but did so in a highly memorable fashion that captured the Consumer Launch of the Year award.

Few recent brand launches have made a splash like JetBlue and its 'Cheap Chic Lands in New York' campaign.

To begin, JetBlue, the best-funded airline start-up ever, trotted out a fleet of brand new planes equipped with roomy leather seats and the promise of fares about 65% lower than the competition.

With amenities like free in-flight 4-channel satellite TV, voice-recognition-enhanced reservations and touch-screen check-in, JetBlue quickly positioned itself as the airline for everyone.

But how would everyone hear about it? This is where JetBlue's PR savvy, guided by CEO David Neeleman, really took off. The JetBlue image was conceived to portray an edgy, New York personality. The choice of venue to premiere the name, Idlewild, a SoHo bar designed to look like a 1950s jet, was clever and distinct.

JetBlue displayed a model of its on-board satellite TV at the venue, and got World Satellite Television News (WSTN) to videotape the press conference and produce a b-roll/news feed that was distributed via satellite within hours of the event.

It worked. JetBlue received more than 450 mentions on TV, and the launch garnered coverage in a host of local and national newspapers and magazines.

When JetBlue's first flight from New York's JFK Airport to Fort Lauderdale took off in February 2000, WSTN covered the event complete with a video news feed of the plane christening, a satellite tour of the aircraft and 28 interviews with Neeleman.

In all, JetBlue has generated more than 1.5 billion impressions since July 1999. Just as important, the media has focused heavily on all of JetBlue's primary objectives - financial strength, experienced leadership, new planes, low fares, technology and service.

JetBlue spent its money wisely. The two launch press conferences cost approximately dollars 100,000, and Burrelle's evaluates the coverage at over dollars 10 million worth of advertising - a return of dollars 100 on each dollar spent.

Using these figures, the JetBlue's public relations efforts actually doubled the airline's advertising spend.

Moreover, JetBlue reached a profit in August, a mere six months after its launch - an industry milestone. Now that's getting off to a flying start.


PepperCom and GE Financial Insurance - Introducing the GE Center for Financial Learning

A recent survey discovered that only 16% of Americans are financially literate. The survey, commissioned by General Electric, was the impetus for the online GE Center for Financial Learning. To preempt questions about its objectivity or credibility, GE, along with PepperCom, created an advisory board and struck partnerships with respected financial institutions: the experts would provide the content, GE would simply host the site. Launch day garnered coverage from news organizations like The New York Times and CNBC, included press kits, VNRs and satellite tours of the site. To date, the average monthly total of site visitors is 90,000, and GE has positioned itself as an objective source for financial advice.

Winner 2000: Edelman Public Relations Worldwide with MTD Products - Yard Man Mow Across America

The Award

This award recognizes the achievement of PR in creating buzz and brand awareness, as well as sales, around the launch of a new product or service.

Finalists 2001

- BSMG and Dixie - Dixie Rinse & Reuse Disposable Stoneware

- Fleishman-Hillard with Procter & Gamble - 'Swiffer: Sweeping America Clean'

- JetBlue Airways - 'Jet Blue: Cheap Chic Lands in New York'

- Lippe Taylor with Procter & Gamble - Physique hair care

- PepperCom and GE Financial Insurance - Introducing the GE Center for Financial Learning

- Shandwick International with Lycos - Lycos Sports launch with Anna Kournikova


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