THINKPIECE: Can the relationship between a PR agency and its clientbe a true 'partnership'?

According to the new-age gospel, surviving in today's economy

requires partnerships. It's all about creating ecosystems with a zillion


Check out the wire services on any given day. You'll be greeted with an

avalanche of press releases touting the latest 'strategic partnership.'

In short, the meaning of the word 'partnership' has become so watered

down, it's practically a synonym for 'affiliate.'

At the risk of sounding old-fashioned, I have a simple perspective of

what makes the relationship between a client and a PR agency a true

partnership. It's an attitude in which each party cares about the

success of the other party, not just about its own success.

In striving to establish partnerships with clients, we always

communicate one specific expectation during the agency review process:

the client needs to take partial responsibility for the account team's


We make the point that we can do everything right as a company - provide

training and career advancement, build a positive environment, offer

competitive compensation packages, etc. - but there's no getting around

the fact that a key part of the account team's experience comes from

interacting with the client.

This doesn't mean we expect clients to roll over. Clients should demand

great work. We're demanding it of ourselves. The point is to treat

people as you would like to be treated, and when things do go awry to

take constructive actions.

I'm disturbed to see the number of cases in which clients beef up their

internal PR resources by poaching from their agencies. Not exactly an

action that contributes to an agency's success. I know of one specific

situation where the client hired away the bulk of its agency team,

chastised the agency for lack of consistency and eventually ended the


I recognize there's a range of philosophies that governs client/agency

relationships. Some clients are going to treat their PR agencies like

any vendor. Some agencies find such a setting works fine.

As long as both parties agree to the parameters, they're following the

right path. Just don't call it a partnership.

Lou Hoffman is president of The Hoffman Agency, a hi-tech focused PR

company based in San Francisco

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