LAST CALL: It's so easy to be 'tempted' by a good-looking man

Helping PR further shed its image of cigars and three-martini lunches, a PR executive was one of those Temptation Island hardbodies bent on using his sex appeal to rent married couples asunder.

Billed in the company's promotional material as 'Matt, the public relations manager,' Matt Heien, executive director of Network PR, was one of the 26 single people who joined four couples on Temptation Island.

Beating out over 6,000 potential 'tempters,' Heien said his stint in front of the cameras has led to some off-camera teasing from his co-workers: 'Our fashion director can't say a sentence without using the word 'tempt.' Can I tempt you to go to lunch with me? Can I tempt you to lend me that pen?'

Describing the experience as 'an adult hedonistic summer camp,' Heien said he keeps in touch with his former cast-mates, but only the girls.

He also says his celebrity status is spilling over into his PR work publicizing fashion events.

'The designers we do publicity for are dressing me in their clothes and putting me in the front row,' said Heien. 'I'm a D-level celebrity. But I wouldn't even invite myself to my own parties.'

In April, Heien will try to push his status up a notch or two when he begins filming his supporting role in a Cary Woods' film to be shot on South Beach. Heien's ultimate goal? 'I'm going to be an actor and be my own publicist.'

But despite the allure of his moonlighting gigs, Heien said his job in PR and his job on Temptation Island aren't too different: 'It's the same spin I'd put on anything else, but this was all me - making me look good.'

And - as the show's 16 million viewers can attest - look good he does.

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