LAST CALL: Diverse, but not that diverse, Traverse City cans campaign

'Somewhere over the rainbow' holds the promise of a society in which people live in peace and harmony. But in order to arrive at such an ideal place, the good people in the town of Traverse City, MI discovered that they need to get past those who see something sinful lurking behind stickers with a rainbow.

The city commission adopted the rainbow logo for the city with the slogan, 'We Are Traverse City,' in a move to promote unity in the wake of hate crimes. The city spent dollars 1,800 to print the stickers and pasted some on city vehicles.

But the PR campaign to put Traverse City's best, pro-diversity foot forward generated a counter-campaign that advocates a step back.

The American Family Association charged the city commission with endorsing homosexuality with its use of the rainbow logo, and letters of complaint deluged city officials.

Off went the stickers from city cars. But there was still the problem of what to do with 5,000 unused stickers.

One vociferous opponent of the stickers charged the logo with being a 'public relations disaster.' With his allies, he has pushed for their destruction.

The stickers were spared from the garbage heap and were sold to a group called Hate-Free TC.

In the wake of the controversy, however, quite a few people in TC are probably left searching for what lies in the land once dreamed of in a lullaby.

Hey, guys, if happy little bluebirds fly above the rainbow, why, oh why, can't MI?

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