LAST CALL: Napster really can maintain a secret

As the Napster saga continues apace, all sorts of wily software

firms are finding ways to circumnavigate those bothersome court


Take this effort from In a press release e-mailed to

'Media Personalities' (oooh, you flatter us!) last week, we were

promised 'exciting new information regarding ... the launch of The

NapCameBack Encoder, Version 2.0 that will totally evade the Napster


On opening the attached press release, however, it appeared that the

filters were stronger than even they could have imagined. The Word

document, cryptically entitled 'PR2.doc' was, in fact, totally blank.

Not a word.

While we sympathize with the intricacies of encryption, and understand

wanting to keep your methods secret, we couldn't help wondering if this

was taking things too far. Happily, they thought so too, and sent a

magically de-crypted release forthwith.

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