THE BIG PITCH: What are the non-media tactics you would use to helpSega?



ecom communications

Los Angeles

Building brand awareness for Sega would require a corporate

communications team to develop strategies that provide the 'face and

personality' for the company. I'd pull together the top industry

branding experts from research, marketing, advertising, promotions and

corporate communications - and from the toy, technology, gaming and

TV/video broadcast industry - and put them into live and virtual

creative sessions. Neither Sega nor the industry trades would ever know

who was on the team, which would define creative strategies and a final

tagline for the campaign. Based on the company's history, 'Service

Games' was the original intent of the company's founder.

Today, depending on the audience, that tagline could be as simple as

further defining the origins of the name to a message such as Service

Everyone with Games for Entertainment. This key messaging and graphic

concept would immediately be integrated throughout the entire Web site

and in all outbound written materials. We would develop events, possibly

a Sega icon or character, and define the word Sega.


Account Manager

Porter Novelli

San Francisco

SEGATOWN, USA. Ultimate games. Ultimate food. Ultimate fun. This sunny,

Florida town, purchased by Sega Corporation, boasts a gamers paradise

where gaming comes to life. Segatown is Anytown, USA on steroids. We're

talking about lodging that is about lifestyle, convenience and big


Imagine a social world based on skate parks, paintball fields, food

courts and the grand opening of Eat This! Restaurant, where wait staff

is dressed like your favorite game characters. Weekly boot camps enable

amateur gamers from all over the world to spend a time immersed in

Sega-style, learning tips and tricks from the pros. Segatown or




MRA Group

Syracuse, NY

Out of the gate, Sega can't disenfranchise their installed base, and

needs to make them understand that Sega remains committed to developing

games and that its new focus will only make their service better. Use

their online presence to elicit one-to-one interaction with current Sega

customers and other online gamers through contests, viral marketing and

cross promotions. Monitoring and participating in online discussion

among gamers would also be wise. Sega's move into wireless and hand-held

devices couldn't be timed more perfectly, as it adds more functionality

that increases minutes of use for carriers. This type of application

needs to be presented to consumers in a very personal manner - you've

got to get out there, make them experience it and appeal to the early

adopters. Partner with wireless carriers in market-based promotions to

engage young adults. This could include local event sponsorships and

contests, fall college campus promotions and guerrilla marketing.


SVP/Executive Director

GCI Group

New York

I would love to see Sega use guerrilla marketing tactics to further

enhance their brand. I think a fun summer promotion would be to make an

interactive game out of finding Sega game-related icons on the streets

of major walking cities utilizing billboards, sidewalk art, etc. In

concert with their Web site and one of their online games, the contest

would be to find all of the Sega icons within a controlled portion of an

urban setting (i.e., from Times Square to Grand Central area). Once all

of the geographic locations of every Sega icon are found, the contestant

goes to the Web site and enters their winning round. To take this

concept a step further, the icons could be a form of hieroglyphics that

form a secret message. The person who unearths that hidden message would

receive the grand prize

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