Yankee Group takes the moral high road

BOSTON: The Yankee Group is attempting to distance itself from

publicity-hungry competitors, and has adopted a tag line to reflect its

new moral stance.

The company, which is owned by Reuters, provides analyses and forecasts

on the communications, wireless and technology industries. It is not

publicly traded and retains no PR agency.

The new motto, "Accurate, Reliable, Trusted," is designed to reflect the

company's values and minimize its analysts' pursuit of media


It is intended as a sideswipe at competitors, which include Jupiter,

Gartner, Meta Group and Forrester.

"Analysts have an important responsibility: to deliver accuracy,

reliability and clarity, and not to allow the publicity side of the

business affect their integrity," said Berge Ayvazian, Yankee Group CEO,

in a formal statement.

"I'm worried that our industry is being cheapened because (some

analysts) were caught in a period of hype," he continued.

The press release also cited examples of accurate forecasts made by the

company, including online retail sales figures for the fourth quarter

2000, and revenues in the long-distance telecommunications market.

Brian Adamik, president and COO, said that he would rather the research

be right than the analyst get quoted on the business pages. "During the

past three to four years, I have seen quite a push on the part of

competitors to get quoted and get forecasts into the hands of the

media," he said.

"Being quoted then becomes your internal marketing engine."

Some companies reward analysts with bonuses when they appear in the

press, Adamik continued, which has deservedly given rise to mistrust of


"We will never move to the mode where we pay for the quote," he said.

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