He was one half of top '80s pop group Wham!, and is now enjoying a

successful solo career (wrong George Michael! - Ed). Oh, sorry. He

believes small is beautiful, and that if a job's worth doing, it's worth

doing yourself. Ladies and gentlemen, meet the other George Michael.

Describe the company you work for: Michael & Partners started in 1998.

We now have ten full-time employees, a couple of part-time employees and

11 ongoing accounts. Since we started so recently, our accounts tend to

be heavily involved in the "new economy."

Why did you start your own agency? I sold my previous ad/

PR firm, MBRK, in 1997 and had a four-and-a-half year employment

agreement. I assured everyone - clients, employees, myself - I would be

there for five years. After nine months, I was told, "You don't have to

come in any longer." (My investment banker friends knew it would happen;

"It always does.") I then officed with a friend who was starting a

dot-com, so I got to play with all the Internet toys. I realized the

Internet was an information medium. Since PR is based on information, I

started a PR agency!

What do you do there? What everyone else doesn't do.

Tell us something interesting about your company: My employees host a

semi-annual, office "Pet Day." So far, the guests of honor have been

several cats, a bulldog and a flying squirrel.

What was your best pitch? The best pitch is always "the next one."

What was your biggest screw-up? I screw up everyday, but as a boss told

me once, "You don't embarrass easy, do you?"

If you could work for one company or one account, what would it be? I

get bored if I only work on one thing.

What is the biggest item you've ever put on expenses? Dinner at the

Mansion for clients from outside the US. I charged it; I approved


Write the headline for the story you would most like to read in PRWeek:

"Research study reveals small agencies do better PR than big, expensive


What do you wish you hadn't said to the media? I've always had a good PR

agency represent me (mine) so there have been no goof-ups in the media.

(Yet - Ed.)

If you were an animal, what would you be? What's better than being a

human being?

Name one thing about your past people would be surprised to learn I have

a BS in engineering and a Ph.D. in marketing.

Which historical figure would you most like to represent? John F.


What is the secret of your success? Having great "bosses" and great

employees - from whom I learn something everyday.

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