CAREERS: Where I Work - Mike Weiss, SAE, business and tech practiceBrotman Winter Fried Communications

How long have you been in your job? I landed with BWF about a

year-and-a-half ago, after working on Capitol Hill with a public affairs

firm and then for Sen. Kohl (D-WI).

Describe the space you work in: My desk is an organized mess, my window

faces an alley and the back of ABC News. I've seen Cokie Roberts hanging

out back there.

How often do you see the boss? All the time. If I don't see him, I can

definitely hear him.

Who is the smartest person you work with? Kenny Fried, our EVP. He has

that Ben Stein sort of mind.

How comfortable are your offices? Our office has a sports theme. Our

chairman's floor is Astroturf (for putting), the copy/fax room is a

basketball court and our president's office is a hockey rink. My office

has a sort of political theme with a couple of old Democratic National

Convention posters hanging up - doesn't really fit with the rest of the

office - but I wasn't interested in decorating it as a boxing ring. We

also have an entire hallway filled with pictures of staffers with

celebrities - people like Alan Greenspan and Ricardo Montalban (Mr.

Roarke from Fantasy Island).

What is the best thing about working there? My clients and the people I

work with. Our clients range from sports teams to a start-up fiber

optics company, so we have a really interesting and diverse client base.

Everyone here likes that dynamic where one morning you may be helping a

colleague out at a tennis tournament and that afternoon you are

participating in a board meeting for the DC Chamber of Commerce.

What is the biggest thing to hit your office in the past year? Probably

when our chairman, Charlie Brotman, was the voice of the Inaugural

Parade down Pennsylvania Avenue - he has been doing it since Eisenhower.

We had CNN and NPR in the office asking him about all the different


Sneak us a good piece of gossip from your office Our president, Steve

Winter, went to something like 100 Grateful Dead shows and still hasn't

fully recovered - and I mean that in the best possible way.

Address: 1150 17th Street, NW, Suite 200, Washington, DC 20036

Phone: (202) 296-7200


Senior manager: Charlie Brotman, chairman; Steve Winter, president;

Kenny Fried, EVP

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