CAREERS: Where I Work - Trevor Howes, junior account executive,Buzz

How long have you been in your job? Four months.

Describe the space you work in All four of us work in a space big enough

for not much more than the "pet" mice we have running around the

building. Located in Chinatown, our floor is shared by four other

companies and is a funky mix of industrial-chic and hi-tech corporate

with lots of concrete and steel. Surprisingly (and for no particular

reason), right in the middle of the floor is a full-size yellow school

bus that was brought in through the fifth floor sunroof earlier this


Do you socialize with your colleagues? Let's just say the first Friday

night I was in New York City, I was drinking extra dirty martinis with

my coworkers and their dogs at the Tribeca Grand Hotel. It's a good


How often do you see your boss? We work in the same room. She is

constantly in my face.

Who is the smartest person you work with? A touchy issue, but I'd have

to say Robin Goetz. All three of my coworkers are brilliant, but I have

had the extra pleasure in helping Robin decorate her apartment and she's

got style. That would have to give her the edge in the smarts


Who is the craziest? It's a tie between Rick Smotkin and Carrie Brenner.

If one is not phoning us from the middle of the action at Mardi Gras in

New Orleans, the other one is off to Paris for the weekend to buy the

latest in haute couture.

How often are you still there when the cleaners are around? We are the


What's been your biggest mistake while working there? Missing a flight

to Portugal for a potential new business opportunity. On a very rainy

night, my flight was the only one to leave on time from Newark airport.

Ironically, the next day the flight was delayed in perfect weather, but

it was too late. (Newark is notorious for its lagging flight schedule in

bad weather. That's my excuse and I'm sticking to it.)

Sneak us a good piece of gossip from your office After being featured as

one of PRWeek's Top Ten Most Eligible in PR, Miss Robin Goetz has

received over a dozen phone calls from reporters asking her out on


Number of employees: 4

Address: 245 Canal Street, 5th floor, New York, NY 10013

Phone: (212) 274-9060


Senior manager: Robin Goetz

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