THINKPIECE: If you've been laid off, don't worry. Play things smartand you'll get an even better opportunity

If you've been laid off, stop worrying. You simply are at a rest

stop on the road to success. And, it's time for you to slow down and

ponder existential questions like who are you, what are you good at and

what do you like doing, so you don't land yourself face down in your

next gig.

With the right personal brand, one that authentically reflects your core

values, passions and talents you can become the Oprah of your chosen

profession. But, to get there, you have to untie your ego from your

former company and title.

The first step of this journey is being able to answer the question:

What do you do? When I answer this question, for example, I never say,

"I'm president of Big Fish Marketing." I do say, "I'm a brand advocate

and published author." Now, there's a tagline that gets attention!

Now, is the time to plant your flag in the ground and declare your

specialty to the world (or at least the next person who interviews you).

Specialists make the big bucks. Generalists are old news.

The next move is to define your dreams and put them into action. Forget

about following your feelings. Instead, lead them to your stated

mission! That means you shouldn't take the first thing that comes along

no matter how desperate you feel.

You now need to consider who you'll need to influence to make your dream

come true. And, the best way to appeal to those people is to do a

180-degree turn, stand in their shoes and figure out what they want to

hear from you.

To find your target audience, comb trade shows, attend conferences and

show up at industry affairs. Make sure that you dress the part. Your

packaging should reflect the soul of your brand. Eighty percent of all

communication is visual, so if you don't look the part you want to play,

no one will cast you in the role.

To stay on track, practice the holy trinity of branding: clarity,

authenticity and consistency. If you tell others who you are and act the

part long enough, you will become your desired brand. From MTV to Martha

Stewart, the supercharged brands never waiver or compromise what they

are about. Neither should you.

Robin Fisher Roffer is president of Big Fish Marketing, Inc. and author

of Make A Name For Yourself - 8 Steps Every Woman Needs to Create A

Personal Brand Strategy for Success.

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