Survey: PR people not pulling weight

CALABASAS, CA: Many top executives are not happy with their

companies' PR efforts, even when they retain agencies, according to a

survey by Patrick Marketing Group (PMG).

When asked to judge their companies' effectiveness in PR on a scale of

one to 10, the average respondent gave a 5.8 rating - which is low for

this type of survey, said Craig Shields, a partner at PMG. "In general,

people don't rate key functions of their organization less than seven or

eight out of 10," he explained.

Shields said another surprising aspect of the results was that

executives equally blamed their own companies' PR efforts for the

problem, as well as the press or analysts - who they perceive to be

ignorant or unfair.

"People are usually fast to place blame elsewhere, not willing to own up

that they themselves or their organizations are to blame," Shields


The average level of satisfaction among executives toward their outside

agencies was 6.4, compared to 5.8 for those who do all in-house PR.

"I think it should be a wake-up call for agencies that the client roster

at large is pretty unimpressed with the work that we as agencies have

done," Shields added.

Budget, executive buy-in, other resources, and lack of experience were

cited as obstacles to PR success.

Ericsson, Alcoa, Emerson, Pall Corporation, and EDS were among the

companies surveyed. Almost 100 CEOs, COOs, and PR executives were also


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