LAST CALL: Verbal gaffe could cure Congress' ills

Sam Donaldson committed a verbal faux pas in the closing moments of

ABC's This Week last Sunday that might just contain the seeds for

revolutionary change in US government.

While alerting viewers to issues they could explore on his Web site, he

meant to ask "whether SAT scores should be so important for getting into

college." But instead of "college," Donaldson said "Congress," proposing

a qualification for congressmen that, we think, could vastly improve our


We can only imagine how different Congress might be were members

required to have a minimum SAT score of, say, 1200. So we called around

the Hill and asked press secretaries their feelings on the matter. But

most answers were (surprise!) bitterly partisan swipes at legislation

that would never have been proposed. Most catty answer? "If SAT scores

were checked before members were admitted to Congress, maybe Washington,

DC would have fewer missing interns." Ouch!

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