THINKPIECE: Corporate America should proudly defend globalization,instead of raising a white flag

When it comes to defending "globalization," I have three words for

corporate America: Shame on you!

Once again you are listening to the capitulation counselors' siren song

of appeasement: Don't leave your foxholes; keep your heads down; don't

take on the anarchists and Marxists; and don't ruin their Molotov

cocktail parties in Genoa, Seattle, Washington, DC, or Quebec. Instead,

let George W. Bush take the heat.

Great. At some point, thanks to your pacifism, President Bush may

conclude that he must give in to some demands of those who seek to

destroy your companies, free trade, and free enterprise.

If you are a corporate CEO, I have two suggestions you likely won't hear

from your handlers:

1. Ignore those who tell you to duck and hide. You have nothing to hide

from. Free trade, Capitalism, science, technology and globalization have

lifted millions of people out of abject poverty; given hope to those who

remain destitute; and improved the quality and length of life for those

of us who live on Planet Earth.

2. Tell the truth, and tell it often. What's the truth? The people who

have been trashing the streets of Genoa and elsewhere are, by and large,

white, middle-class, and chronically aggrieved. One commentator has

observed that they are the ill-informed but well-intentioned, led by the

well-informed but ill-intentioned. Their leaders care little about those

starving in Ethiopia, or the child prostitutes of Thailand who are

forced onto the streets to support their families.

These anarchists, Marxists and radical ecologists oppose genetically

engineered crops that could end famine and disease. They have

systematically denied Third World countries pest-control products that

could eradicate malaria and other insect-borne diseases that are killing

millions of babies every year. They have stopped the construction of

dams that would bring electricity and clean water to dying children and

their grieving parents - all in the name of Mother Earth, Mother Jones,

or some other politically correct Mother. Mother Teresa must be rolling

over in her grave.

How should corporations communicate the benefits of globalization? How

about mobilizing the people who have benefited? Give voice to their

story with the same communications techniques you employ to market your

products, inform your employees and educate your share-holders. This

isn't rocket science, folks; it's about having the guts to stand up for

what's right.

Do you have what it takes?

Nick Nichols is chairman of Nichols-Dezenhall Communications Management

Group in Washington, DC, and is author of book Rules for Corporate

Warriors (The Free Enterprise Press), due out this fall.

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