LAST CALL: Grubman-crazy New York Post won't give Mercedes a brake

You've got to hand it to Col Allan, the new editor-in-chief at the

New York Post. He knows how to string a story out long after its natural

end. Not satisfied with putting Lizzie Grubman on the front cover for

four days running after her Hamptons spat, the paper has hit upon the

perfect way to get a bit more mileage out of the made-for-the-Post


It's giving away the very same model of Mercedes-Benz SUV that Grubman

mashed into those Hamptons gawkers, sorry bystanders.

Not that Mercedes-Benz is happy about it, despite the huge picture of

the ML55 AMG auto plus full description of its features on the premium

page three spot.

"I'm astonished that they should do something like this," spluttered

Donna Boland, manager of corporate communications at Mercedes-Benz.

"We've had so many calls from journalists asking if we are


Boland was keen to tell PRWeek that the company had nothing to do with

the car giveaway: "We don't want any of the publicity that this incident

gives Mercedes." But Boland admitted that there wasn't much she could do

about the Post's cheeky contest.

"They must have bought the SUV, so they can do whatever they like with

it," she sighed. "Had they used our logo, I'd have been down on them

like a ton of bricks. But as it stands, legally, I can't move on this

(unlike Lizzie - Ed). I don't think it would do any good to take a

heavy-handed approach anyway," she added. "We're not the taste police."

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