Pro-life forces launch campaign to rattle Hill

WASHINGTON: The clatter of baby rattles will be echoing through the

Senate halls in coming weeks thanks to a throng of pro-life groups that

have come together for a nationwide campaign called "Shake the


The goal of the campaign is to remind senators and President Bush that

anti-abortion forces in America are unified, organized, and intent on

seeing pro-life justices appointed to the Supreme Court. Close to 30

organizations are lending their names and resources to the multifaceted


The baby rattles are the campaign's centerpiece. By going to, anyone can send rattles to their state's senators,

complete with a note asking them to vote for pro-life justices. "Do

everything in your power to protect children from all the brutal methods

of abortion," the note concludes.

Janet Folger, national director of the Center for Reclaiming America and

organizer of the campaign, claimed that as of last week, more than

20,000 rattles were in the mail. "You won't be able to walk through the

Senate without hearing this sound," she said as she shook a noisy


"When they're delivered, they make noise. When they're opened, they make

noise. Even if you throw them away, they make noise!"

According to an article in The New York Times last Tuesday, the campaign

is intended to "show a unified front after deep divisions (in the

pro-life movement) over embryonic stem cell research." Folger denied

that characterization. "I came up with the idea before May, so there's

not a lot of truth in that," she said.

Other elements of the campaign include a TV and radio advertising

campaign, an e-mail petition, and six weeks of coverage on the Coral

Ridge Ministries' TV program, available in more than 80% of US


Folger said the campaign is currently slated to run for four years,

though talks of expansion are already underway. "People already want to

know, 'Can we shake our state house?' Can we shake our school back to

life?' There could be a lot of different applications for this."

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