Disneyland's move to clean up its act elicits delayed reaction inthe press

ANAHEIM, CA: Disneyland has changed its Jungle Cruise ride,

removing fake guns from the hands of the boat captains. The move is

getting lots of attention, albeit months after the fact.

The story was first reported last week in the Los Angeles Times, and

picked up by the AP and Deutsche Presse-Agentur.

But the decision to change the ride was made in the spring. "We made

that change almost seven months ago," said Ray Gomez, Disneyland's

director of corporate communications.

Previously, the Jungle Cruise included a moment when the tour guides

would shoot at mock hippos that are visible off the sides of the


Boat captains would also shoot into the air in a dramatic attempt to

warn off the beasts.

Gomez said that the decision to change the ride was based on comments

from visitors. "We get feedback from our guests," he said. "Guests to

Disneyland are not shy about telling us what works, and what doesn't


But Gomez said that the new motif has not gained much attention from

patrons. "Our guests have not had any concerns with it at all, and we

have had a total of ten comments from the cast (staff members) since it

took place."

As the Times pointed, in 1997 the pirate ride at Disneyland was also

changed to accommodate modern tastes. No longer did it feature a pirate

boasting of sexual escapades, or a section showing a woman hiding from

drunken pirates.

Gomez is somewhat perplexed by the amount of attention the story is

receiving now. "Throughout the park, attractions are constantly being

updated," he said. "We just redid Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln, and

three years ago completely redid Tomorrow-land."

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