Brainerd survives Excite@Home cuts

REDWOOD CITY, CA: Excite@Home continues to retain Brainerd

Communicators as its IR firm, even as it has been forced to drop Text

100 as its agency of record and make cuts to its in-house PR staff.

At this point, Brainerd has its work cut out. Excite@ Home missed a

Friday deadline for a $50 million payment to its creditors,

Promethean Investment Group. Comcast and Cox have also terminated

service agreements with the company. Promethean has accused Excite@Home

of failing to live up to its agreement. Promethean retains Brunswick for

PR council.

In January, Excite@Home's PR budget was cut "pretty significantly"

according to Alison Bowman, director of corporate PR. In June,

Excite@Home gave notice to tech PR firm Text 100 that it was bringing

all of its PR in-house.

"We had to end the agency relationship, which I regretted. They were a

terrific agency to work with," Bowman said.

Ryan Donovan, GM of Text 100 in San Francisco, said that while the

relationship technically ended in June, the firm continued working on a

project that extended through July.

Excite@Home was also forced, because of budget cuts, to reduce its

in-house PR team to four, down from 10.

Another concern for Excite@Home is the possibility that it may be

delisted from the NASDAQ if its stock continues trading below $1.

Currently, the stock price is hovering around dollars .43.

Excite@Home is Excite. com's cable internet product, which claims speeds

up to 100 times faster than traditional dial-up phone lines.

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