LAST CALL: Surprise: A. Conn's job isn't a con job

Here at PRWeek we like to think we can sniff out a prank at 20

paces. So when an e-mail landed in Last Call's in-box recently from the

fantastically named "A. Conn" who works for "Flack PR" we smelled a rat.

OK, so it went into dramatic detail about the creation of an electronic

press kit (EPK) for the Janet Jackson All For You tour. But, c'mon - A.

Conn at Flack PR?

In smug mode, we rang the cheeky tease merchants to let them know we

hadn't fallen for their hilarious joke. But the call didn't go quite as


Last Call: "So you're really called A. Conn, are you?" (Colleagues were

snickering in the background.)

Flack PR: "Er, yes, my name's Andrew. Why?"

LC: "Ah, um because it sounds kind of funny. But surely your agency

isn't really called Flack PR?"

Flack PR: "Well, actually it is. We thought it would attract attention

to us. Worked, didn't it?"

Smug rating - Flack PR 1, Last Call 0.

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