CAREERS: Where I Work - Vince McMorrow, director of publicrelations RMD Advertising/PR

How long have you been in your job? Three years. Describe the space

you work in? When I accepted the position I was asked who were my

favorite artists. When I arrived on my first day, beautifully framed

prints of O'Keefe and Matisse greeted me from my office walls. My office

is in the corner of the building and very open. It looks out over an

elementary school, which I find inspiring when I'm faced with a


Who is the smartest person you work with? Sue Reninger is a managing

partner in the firm and she's a marketing freak! She can reduce business

problems of companies as diverse as IT integrators, pharmaceutical and

financial institutions down to the basic thoughts needed to develop

effective PR and advertising strategies.

Who is the craziest? Donn Ditzhazy is a managing partner and executive

creative director on the advertising side. He's in charge of team

building and creates the most off the wall activities to get all agency

members to let their hair down. He then uses the intimate information to

keep all of us on our toes.

How comfortable are your offices? Extremely, with a rec room chic that

changes constantly. Bean bag chairs, creative tables to spur thoughts, a

foosball table and a fully loaded kitchen with enough food and beverages

to start a good happy hour. There's also a patio out back that allows

you to get away from it all when needed.

And the worst thing about working there? Constantly being asked to

explain why, with an Irish name, I'm the rightful heir to the Russian


What's been your biggest mistake while working there? I suggested to a

client that an event would gain increased awareness with a hot air

balloon. I was right, with news media and a full crowd in attendance.

But weather prevented the balloon from ever getting off the ground.

Thankfully the client had confidence in our agency and chalked it up to

bad luck.

Sneak us a piece of gossip from your office PR coordinator Jeff has feet

that smell so bad they could be classified as a deadly weapon.

Number of employees in PR dept.: 4

Address: 68 N. High Street, New Albany, OH 43054

Phone: (614) 939-5005


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