LAST CALL: Jordan's publicist is now PR wizard

The easiest job in PR just got a bit easier, courtesy of The

Washington Post.

Being the flack for Michael Jordan was probably never difficult. Who

else's comeback was the worst-kept, most-anticipated secret in sports

history? Who else is the spokesperson for products ranging from Nike

sneakers to Palm Pilot? Jordan's return to NBA play for the Washington

Wizards was a slam-dunk, plastered all over national and international


But now, the paper that brought down Nixon is going to be bringing up

Jordan - all over the sports pages via a full-time reporter. The Post is

looking to hire one hack to dog Jordan's every moment from training camp

through the 82-game season. According to the Post, this one reporter

"will be a daily observer - on the court and in the locker room - of how

his play and mood change as the stress of the season increases."

The Post's want ad read in part, "The expected return of Michael Jordan

to the NBA promises to be one of the best sports stories of any year,

and a story with a huge impact on Washington."

While Jordan, who just turned 38, asserts he is more concerned over his

ability to keep up with much-younger superstars like Vince Carter, Allen

Iverson and Kobe Bryant, it's hard to imagine that his publicist isn't

collecting anything but clubhouse high-fives at the prospect of having a

reporter 24-7 whose sole duty is to breathlessly field every story idea

the flack throws at him.

No muss, no fuss, no jaded reporters not returning your calls. No lack

of story ideas courtesy a highly photogenic, legendary client who is

quick with a smile and even quicker to the basket. Welcome to publicist


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