LAST CALL: Terrorist link gets to Sesame Street

All Americans are afraid of further death and destruction wrought

by bin Laden henchmen hiding in our country. But it's not likely that

any Americans previously suspected a pigeon-loving, bottle

cap-collecting, twin bed-sleeping Muppet of being associated with the

man who has called for a jihad against the US.

By now, anyone not living in a cave has heard that Bert from Sesame

Street has appeared on posters carried by bin Laden supporters in


Sesame Workshop producers told CNN they are outraged that their

banana-headed character with the black unibrow has been used in what

they called an unfortunate and distasteful manner. "Sesame Street has

always stood for mutual respect and understanding," they said, adding,

somewhat obviously, "This is not humorous."

The producers said they are exploring legal options to stop the abuse

and any similar ones in the future.

We don't want to stereotype here, but somehow, we suspect bin Laden and

his ilk are not going to be receptive to an American copyright

infringement lawsuit.

The creator of the image remains unknown, with the owner of the widely

imitated "Bert is Evil" parody website claiming he had no part in the

Bert and bin Laden image. (He has restricted himself to tasteful images

such as Bert and the KKK, Bert and Hitler, etc.). The owner shut down

the site on October 11, explaining that in light of current events he

deemed the site in bad taste, adding that widespread media attention

could direct children to the site, which he felt would destroy the

character's credibility with children.

Not to mention pigeons.

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