LAST CALL: British Jedis force religion on others

The search for religious freedom helped motivate the Pilgrims to

leave England for America by the boatload.

The newest religious minority in the mother country might be more

inclined to make the journey via spaceship.

Viral marketing was the "force" behind a newfound surge in Jedi Knights

across the pond. Thanks to a dedicated band of adherents, "Jedi Knight"

will be listed on the official list of religions issued by the UK's

Office of National Statistics.

A website encouraging Britons to write in "Jedi" on their census forms

first cropped up in April, saying, "If you are a member of the Jedi

religion, then you are by default a 'Jedi Knight.'" Continuing, it

advocates action: "Do it because you love Star Wars. If not ... then

just do it to annoy people." The website ends with the well-known

tagline: "May the Force be with you!"

An e-mail chain letter followed, entreating followers to take a stand

for all things Lucas.

This documented example of non-conformists' conformation comes just in

time for next summer's eagerly awaited Star Wars Episode II: Attack of

the Clones!

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