LAST CALL: Pepsi - Britney's got a Coke problem

Oops, she did it again. For the second time this month, Pepsi

spokesbabe Britney Spears has been photographed swigging a Coke product

- Coca-Cola in Sydney, Australia, and Coke-produced Sunkist orange soda

in California.

As any PR person knows, part of being a spokesperson is appearing to

actually use the product you're pushing. As Ric Bachrach, CEO of

Celebrity Focus, told PRWeek: "There's nothing worse than having a

spokesperson show up, and not be interested in what they're doing."

A phone message left for Spears' publicist at Wolf/Kasteler PR wasn't

returned, but Pepsi-Cola spokesperson Dave DeCecco told PRWeek he

couldn't go into specifics. He'd only say, "In the grand scheme of

things, this is a non-event."

However, British tabloid The Sun quoted an unnamed Pepsi source saying

that Britney, who has a $108 million contract exclusively with

Pepsi, is in deep fizz for drinking the wrong bubbly. "You don't expect

to sign someone to a deal that big and then see them drinking a

competitor's brand twice in a month," said the source, who added, "Words

were said to her in the strongest terms last month, and I'm sure more

will be said to her now."


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